Battlefront Build On Canadian & NATO Forces For Team Yankee

June 13, 2018 by brennon

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Battlefront has been building up new forces for you to use in Team Yankee. The focus over the last few weeks has been on building up both the Canadian and NATO forces. For example, the NATO's Front Line set comes with a good starting force to use in the game.

NATO's First Line - Team Yankee

But, beyond that, you still have some great new kits to help bulk out your force and give you additional options as you face down the Russian threat. NATO get the M109 Field Battery which is able to lay down some withering fire on your enemies.

NATO M109 Field Battery - Team Yankee

This vehicle has been deployed on every front of the war for the NATO forces and as a rolling howitzer, it is a dangerous beast, capable of dealing with enemy fortifications, tanks and more. You can even drop this into your Canadian force if you like.

Too Nice To Fight?

Speaking of Canadians, they might be a nice people, but they sure don't hold back when it comes to a scrap. They have some additional vehicular support with the M113 Platoon in plastic which helps you roll your soldiers right up onto enemy positions.

M113 Platoon - Team Yankee

Working in a combined arms sense you also have the ADATS Air Defence Platoon which will be watching the skies for fighter jets, helicopters and the like that threaten to swarm your advancing column of troops.

ASATS Air Defence Platoon - Team Yankee

It's nice to see that the narrative of Team Yankee has expanded beyond the war in Europe and now takes to new theatres as you work out how the conflict would play out on a global scale.

It would be awesome to maybe see some companies working on troops in 28mm to fit this period too as it would be interesting to develop some skirmishes in that scale away from the big tanks, telling a more personal story of the battle between these titanic forces.

What do you think of the additions for Canada and NATO?

"It's nice to see that the narrative of Team Yankee has expanded beyond the war in Europe..."

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