Battlefront Shine Light On Flames Of War Hungarian Steel

June 24, 2021 by brennon

Battlefront Miniatures has been expanding on the Axis-Allies again this week with a look at the Hungarian Steel supplement that you'll be able to pick up. This gives you more insight into how this faction works in Flames Of War and your 15mm World War II wargames.

Hungarian Steel - Flames Of War

Hungarian Steel // Flames Of War

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This particular entry into their collection focuses on the Mid-War period and Hungarian forces of 1942-43. Painting and basing guides will be included within the book alongside a whole host of information building armies appropriate to this particular slice of the war.

Hungarian Steel Tanks - Flames Of War

Hungarian Steel Tanks // Flames Of War

For example, it will help you build the following different forces...

  • A T-38 Tank Company armed with German suppled Czech T-38 (Panzer 38(t)) tanks, as well as Panzer III and Panzer IV medium tanks, and Toldi light tanks.
  • A Panzer IV Tank Company based around Panzer IV (short 7.5cm) and Panzer IV (long 7.5cm) medium tanks. This formation can also field a Toldi light tank platoon.
  • An Autocannon Company fielding Nimrod AA tanks armoured with Bofors 40mm AA guns, filling the role of both anti-aircraft weapons and tank-hunters.
  • A Motorised Rifle Company from the 1st Armoured Field Division, like the other formations above from this division the troops have good ratings. As the infantry of the armoured division that have a good selection of weapons, including HMGs, anti-tank rifles, light mortars, available in the Motorised Rifle Platoons, as well as formation weapons units with machine-guns, 81mm mortars, and 40mm and 50mm anti-tank guns.
  • A Huszár Squadron formation of cavalry. You can field a whole squadron of famous Hungarian Huszars complete with their own 75mm Huszar Gun Battery and anti-tank guns.
  • A Rifle Company from one of the Light Divisions with machine-guns, 81mm mortars, anti-tank and regiment guns adding to their firepower.
    Backing these up is a good selection of support including Marder Tank-hunters, Csaba armoured cars, 75mm anti-tank guns, Assault Pioneers, anti-aircraft, artillery and air support.

Included with the book which details the different ways you can build your armies you'll also find a set of Unit and Command Cards which you'll find very handy indeed.

Hungarian Steel Infantry - Flames Of War

Hungarian Steel Infantry // Flames Of War

I quite like that Battlefront seems to be putting a lot of effort into these lesser-known factions from World War II. As still somewhat of a novice when it comes to the depth and breadth of World War II, it's good to see them going beyond just the "Germans". This gives you a much more nuanced look at who was involved in the conflict.

Are you going to be picking up the Hungarian Steel supplement?

"This gives you a much more nuanced look at who was involved in the conflict..."

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