British & German Artillery Begins Its Bombardment In Flames Of War

April 18, 2017 by brennon

We're seeing more of the Desert War kits coming to the tabletop for generals to play around with now from Battlefront in Flames Of War. Both the British and the Germans are now getting the support they need in the Artillery department!

17 pdr Anti-Tank Troop

The British are starting things off as they wheel out the 17 pdr Anti-Tank Troop for you to use on the tabletop. This was their answer to the heavy armour that the Germans were using on the battlefield, able to deliver quite the knockout punch to the advance of their enemy.

German Artillery

Talking about their enemy, here we have two of the German kits to leading off with the 8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon.

8.8cm Heavy AA Platoon

These guns might have been meant to be used as an answer to Allied bombing raids but the Germans loved the fact that they could also put down enemy armour if it was used against the frontline instead. While it might not have been what they intended the gun to be used for it certainly helped put fear in the Allies.

The second of the guns available to the Germans is the 10.5cm Artillery Battery which most certainly was meant to be used against ground targets.

10.5cm Artillery Battery

This was the standard howitzer that you would have seen on the battlefield and while it wasn't great at dealing with armour you could be sure it would scare any infantry that would be trying to make their advance.

Smoke & Blast Markers

With all of this artillery on the tabletop you're going to need something to mark the places where this hits. So, the new 4th Edition Template is now available for you to pick up too...

Artillery Template (4th Edition)

Battlefront has also put together some new Smoke Bombardment Markers and regular Smoke Markers for you to start screening your advance across the desert.

Smoke Bombardment Markers

Smoke Markers

These markers are simple plastic pieces that are slotted together and then place around your tanks using the bases. While cotton wool is always a good indicator of smoke these look a little more cinematic.

Will you be snapping up this Artillery?

"...the Germans loved the fact that they could also put down enemy armour if it was used against the frontline instead"

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