Building Terrain & Army Lists in Flames of War Open Fire!

September 18, 2012 by brennon

Battlefront have another preview of the Open Fire! Starter Set. This time they show off what the cardboard terrain will look like, as well as the army lists for the forces that are taking to the field of battle...

Buildings, Walls & American Markers

Trees & German Markers

Trees & Walls

As you can see there is a nice selection of terrain to be playing with. Walls, Buildings and Forest areas create a nice picture of rural France. Well, until you go and blow it up with tanks and grenades I guess. It might not be 3D terrain but the finish looks to be great, meaning you're not going to be totally removed from the action while playing.

Armoured Squadron Army List

Grenadierkompanie Army List

Next up are the lists for both the German and American forces. While I personally haven't got a lot of experience with historical wargaming I imagine this will be a golden opportunity for fans to work out the tactics before they even see the contents of the box.

This set seems to have pretty much everything you could want from a starting box, so will you be picking it up?

Let me know what you think of Open Fire! in the comments below.