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Flames Of War FTW – Gun Line Counter Tactics


Flames Of War For The win is back as Warren & Dave take a look at how to beat those stalwart, unmoving, and frankly terrifying, gun line armies from World War II

Flames Of War FTW XLBS – Advanced Gun Line Tactics & Counter Tactics


It’s time to head back to the war room table and discuss some more advanced tactics and counter tactics for using gun lines and countering them in Flames Of War.

FoW FTW: Infantry Warriors Come Out To Play


We mull over the uses of Characters otherwise known as ‘Warriors’ in this episode of Flames Of War FTW. They break down into three types and in this Frontstage version of the show we’ll be talking Infantry Warriors.

FoW FTW XLBS: Mechanised & Vehicle Warriors Join The Fray!


In this backstage version of Flames Of War FTW we take a look at both Mechanised AND Vehicle Warriors of Flames of War to see how they work together.

Flames Of War FTW: German Advanced Assault Tactics


Warren and Dave are having a look at some of the ways you can get the most out of your troops when they assault in Flames of War.

Flames of War FTW XLBS: British Advanced Assault Tactics


Welcome Backstagers, in the XLBS edition Warren and Dave now get stuck into some more advanced assault tactics but this time for the British forces on the tabletop.

Flames of War FTW: Utilising Advanced Tank Rules


It wouldn’t be Flames of War without some tank battles and in this edition of FTW we delve into more advanced tactics as its time to utilise the special rules of the German and British tank squadrons.

FOW FTW XLBS: Fighting The American Sherman Jumbos


In this Backstage episode of Flames of War FTW Warren and Dave will be having a look at how nasty those Sherman Jumbo Tanks can be in games of Flames of War.

Flames of War FTW: How To Deal With Dug In Infantry


Dave and Warren are back for the third season of FOW FTW. This time they’re looking at the more vital tactical aspects of the game. To start things off they deal with dug in infantry; “The bane of everyone’s existence.”

Flames of War FTW XLBS: Dealing With Dug In Infantry Even More Effectively


We’ve looked at dealing with dug in infantry so now we show you how it can be done more effectively than previously thought. This is a process that involves less points spent and Soviets armed with flamethrowers!

Flames Of War FTW XLBS: Getting Ready For Season Three


Flames of War For The Win is coming back
for its 3rd season. Before it does Warren &
Dave discuss their FTW experience so far &
look forward to whats coming up.

Flames of War FTW: How To Use Spearhead & Infiltrate Rules!


Welcome back to another installment of
Flames of War For The Win! This time Dave
& Warren are having a look at the
Spearhead & Infiltrate Rules, two very
sneaky and useful parts of the game.

Flames of War FTW: How To Use Transports & Tows!


This time on Flames of War For The Win
the guys will be having a look at how you
should be moving not only your big
guns but also showing off a sneaky
tactic on how to get the best results when
it comes to breaking out the bayonets
against infantry.

Flames of War FTW: How To Stop Tanks With Minefields & More!


We’re back with more from Flames of War For
The Win! In this episode the guys get to grips
with all the different obstacles you forces
may run into and in turn how to use them
against your enemies like Minefields
and lots more.

Flames of War FTW: How To Use Flamethrowers!


Welcome back to another
tips and tricks video for
Flames of War. Today
the guys are getting to
grips with just how
devastating the rules
for units loaded up
with flamethrowers
can be when you
know the tactics
behind them.

Flames of War FTW: Ambushes Exposed Gaming Tips!


Warren & Dave are back for another
installment of Flames of War For the
Win and this time they’re talking
about ambushes!

Flames of War FTW: Smoke Rules Explained!


It’s time for more from Flames of War For the Win and
today Warren & Dave are taking a closer look at the
rules for using smoke in your World War II games.

What’s your favourite way of using smoke
on the battlefield?

Flames of War FTW : Artillery Rules & Tips Explored!


We’re back for episode two of Flames of War For
the Win in this new season! This time our
dynamic duo are having a look at the basics of
artillery and the finer points of lobbing high
explosive rounds of death at your opponents
forces. Surely it’s more subtle than that right?

Flames of War FTW: Recon Unit Rules Explained!


It has returned! Warren and Dave are back for
Season 2 of Flames of War For The Win!
We kick things off with the guys looking at
Recon Units in the game and how they can
seriously screw up your day!

FoW FTW: Tournament Armies on The Table Part 3


Time for the epic conclusion of our Flames
of War for the win series, but don’t fret
Warren and Dave are busy making
plans for Season Two!

FoW For The Win: Tournament Armies On The Table Part 2


The guys are back for part two of their final epic
battle. Warren brings in the rest of his forces
but will Dave be able to turn the tide of battle
in his favour?