Flames of War For The Win: ‘Nam Week – Basic Training Part 2

August 6, 2013 by warzan

Time for part two of our look at the basics of Flames of War Vietnam and what makes it such a cool game. Warren and his experts have a quick look at how injuring troops will affect your game, and what you can do to keep your guys in the fight. From the feel of these mechanics you could really imagine playing out iconic battles from movies like "We Were Soldiers".

Flames of War For The Win: 'Nam Week - Basic Training Part 2

Here’s the run down on what you can win:

US Rifle Company Prize

Prize 1: US Rifle Company

1 x Tour of Duty Rule Book

2 x Rifle Platoon VUS712

1 x Machine gun Platoon VUS708

1 x Mortar Platoon VUS705

Dice and Tokens VE003 VE004

Crashed Huey VE107

Loach VUSBX04

PAVN Army Prize

Prize 2: PAVN Army

1 x Tour of Duty Rule Book

Dice and Objective VE002 VE101

Infantry HQ VPABX06

Infantry VPABX07

Weapons Company VPABX08

Divisional Fire Support VPABX09

Local Forces Company VPABX10

To win all you have to do is comment on anything that we send out this week and at the end we’ll pull all the comments in to one big pot and pick two winners before announcing them on not this coming Weekender but the one following it.

So get commenting and enjoy the week!