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Flames Of War FTW – Gun Line Counter Tactics


Flames Of War For The win is back as Warren & Dave take a look at how to beat those stalwart, unmoving, and frankly terrifying, gun line armies from World War II

Flames Of War FTW XLBS – Advanced Gun Line Tactics & Counter Tactics


It's time to head back to the war room table and discuss some more advanced tactics and counter tactics for using gun lines and countering them in Flames Of War.

FoW FTW: Infantry Warriors Come Out To Play


We mull over the uses of Characters otherwise known as 'Warriors' in this episode of Flames Of War FTW. They break down into three types and in this Frontstage version of the show we'll be talking Infantry Warriors.

FoW FTW XLBS: Mechanised & Vehicle Warriors Join The Fray!


In this backstage version of Flames Of War FTW we take a look at both Mechanised AND Vehicle Warriors of Flames of War to see how they work together.

Flames Of War FTW: German Advanced Assault Tactics


Warren and Dave are having a look at some of the ways you can get the most out of your troops when they assault in Flames of War.

Flames of War FTW XLBS: British Advanced Assault Tactics


Welcome Backstagers, in the XLBS edition Warren and Dave now get stuck into some more advanced assault tactics but this time for the British forces on the tabletop.

Flames of War FTW: Utilising Advanced Tank Rules


It wouldn't be Flames of War without some tank battles and in this edition of FTW we delve into more advanced tactics as its time to utilise the special rules of the German and British tank squadrons.

FOW FTW XLBS: Fighting The American Sherman Jumbos


In this Backstage episode of Flames of War FTW Warren and Dave will be having a look at how nasty those Sherman Jumbo Tanks can be in games of Flames of War.

Flames of War FTW: How To Deal With Dug In Infantry


Dave and Warren are back for the third season of FOW FTW. This time they're looking at the more vital tactical aspects of the game. To start things off they deal with dug in infantry; "The bane of everyone's existence."

Flames of War FTW XLBS: Dealing With Dug In Infantry Even More Effectively


We've looked at dealing with dug in infantry so now we show you how it can be done more effectively than previously thought. This is a process that involves less points spent and Soviets armed with flamethrowers!

Flames Of War FTW XLBS: Getting Ready For Season Three


Flames of War For The Win is coming back for its 3rd season. Before it does Warren & Dave discuss their FTW experience so far & look forward to whats coming up.

Flames of War FTW: How To Use Spearhead & Infiltrate Rules!


Welcome back to another installment of Flames of War For The Win! This time Dave & Warren are having a look at the Spearhead & Infiltrate Rules, two very sneaky and useful parts of the game.

Flames of War FTW: How To Use Transports & Tows!


This time on Flames of War For The Win the guys will be having a look at how you should be moving not only your big guns but also showing off a sneaky tactic on how to get the best results when it comes to breaking out the bayonets against infantry.

Flames of War FTW: How To Stop Tanks With Minefields & More!


We're back with more from Flames of War For The Win! In this episode the guys get to grips with all the different obstacles you forces may run into and in turn how to use them against your enemies like Minefields and lots more.

Flames of War FTW: How To Use Flamethrowers!


Welcome back to another tips and tricks video for Flames of War. Today the guys are getting to grips with just how devastating the rules for units loaded up with flamethrowers can be when you know the tactics behind them.

Flames of War FTW: Ambushes Exposed Gaming Tips!


Warren & Dave are back for another installment of Flames of War For the Win and this time they're talking about ambushes!

Flames of War FTW: Smoke Rules Explained!


It's time for more from Flames of War For the Win and today Warren & Dave are taking a closer look at the rules for using smoke in your World War II games. What's your favourite way of using smoke on the battlefield?

Flames of War FTW : Artillery Rules & Tips Explored!


We're back for episode two of Flames of War For the Win in this new season! This time our dynamic duo are having a look at the basics of artillery and the finer points of lobbing high explosive rounds of death at your opponents forces. Surely it's more subtle than that right?

Flames of War FTW: Recon Unit Rules Explained!


It has returned! Warren and Dave are back for Season 2 of Flames of War For The Win! We kick things off with the guys looking at Recon Units in the game and how they can seriously screw up your day!

FoW FTW: Tournament Armies on The Table Part 3


Time for the epic conclusion of our Flames of War for the win series, but don't fret Warren and Dave are busy making plans for Season Two!

FoW For The Win: Tournament Armies On The Table Part 2


The guys are back for part two of their final epic battle. Warren brings in the rest of his forces but will Dave be able to turn the tide of battle in his favour?

Flames of War FTW: Armies On The Table Part 1


Warren & Dave have a mighty battle to fight for Flames of War. They are going to be rolling out the tournament armies.

Flames of War GT After Action Report 1


Welcome to the Flames of War Grand Tournament After Action Reports series! So all you Backstagers will be able to see how Warren and Dave did this weekend!

FOW FTW: Journey to the Grand Tournament – Where To Start?


Warren and Dave are back for more Flames of War Coverage! This episode they give us all an idea of what they're planning to take with them to the Grand Tournament.

FoW FTW: Warren & Dave’s Vietnam Armies


Warren and David sit down to have a chat about the armies their planning to build up for Flames of War Vietnam. David will be fighting for the northern PAVN forces and Warren has chosen to break out the good ol' boys of the U.S.A.

Flames of War for the Win: Nam Week – Basic Training Part 5


Time for the final part of our basic training series for 'Nam Week, Warren is calling in every bit of air power he can muster to blow up as many of the PAVN forces as he can.

Flames Of War For The Win: ‘Nam Week – Basic Training Part 4

11 years ago 71

We're closing in on the end of 'Nam Week and the guys have moved onto more of the cool tricks those sneaky PAVN troops can pull. How do you feel about them swiping your objectives?!

Flames Of War For The Win: ‘Nam Week – Basic Training Part 3

11 years ago 83

Warren and David are back for their dose of Vietnam and in this one their taking a long look at the Tour of Duty source book. What kind of flavour and rules does this book have to offer?

Flames Of War Vietnam Developer Chat: 9pm (BST) Thursday!

11 years ago 28

We've got another awesome developer chat set up for you guys starting tomorrow (Thursday 8th August) where you can pose your questions to Phil Yates, Lead Game Designer right here in our chatroom!

Flames of War For The Win: ‘Nam Week – Basic Training Part 2

11 years ago 109

Time for part two of our look at the basics of Flames of War Vietnam and what makes it such a cool game. Warren and his experts have a quick look at how injuring troops will affect your game, and what you can do to keep your guys in the fight.

FoW For The Win: ‘Nam Week – Basic Training Part 1

11 years ago 112

Warren has gotten in to the spirit of things and brought Gareth from Battlefront to have a look at Flames of War Vietnam and joining them are two of the guys from the Chelmsford Bunker! We're about to take our first Tour of Duty so GET TO THE CHOPPER!

Flames of War For The Win: The D-Day Landings Begin!


Warren and Dave face-off in their version of the D-Day landings. It might not be anywhere near historically accurate but the guys have an awesome load of fun here and that's what counts when your wargaming! Cast your votes folks, who is going to win this one?

FoW For The Win EP 6: D-Day Books & Real Army Lists!


Time for the guys to get together and start to plan out what they'll be taking for their epic D-Day game. Warren will be working from the Atlantik Wall book and David will be running his forces from Overlord. Get ready folks because this one is going to be huge!

Flames of War For The Win: The Night Wolves Roll Out!


The time has come. Warren is finally ready to take on David and his Allied forces! Get ready as Warren rolls out with his STUG III army and unleashes the fires of hell!

Flames of War For The Win: Episode 4 – Infantry Battles


Warren is ready to move on to the next stage of his adventures in Flames of War. Joining him is our resident Time Lord David. Today the guys are ready for some man-on-man action as the German Infantry Sections from the Open Fire! starter box face off against their Allied counterparts.

FOW FTW – EP 3: Evil Plans


Our resident time lord David is off in the ether today and so Warren has brought Stu to the studio to have a chat about all things Flames of War & his sinister plans for gaming in the gaps of World War II.

Flames of War For the Win: Warren’s First Game


Time for Warren and our resident time lord David to break out their tanks and get a game of Flames of War on. To kick off the guys are keeping it simple and just playing with some tanks and anti-tank guns, and Warren is getting even more excited about his little Stug III Tank Destroyers...

Flames of War For The Win! Episode One


We all have those games that have a special place in our hearts, be it fantasy, sci-fi or historical battles, and Warren has found his new wargaming love. So the plan is we're going to be tagging along as Warren builds up a Flames of War army.

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