Flames Of War Vietnam Developer Chat: 9pm (BST) Thursday!

August 7, 2013 by brennon

Hey guys! We've managed to grab another developer to chat about their game and it all kicks off 9pm (BST) tomorrow Thursday the 8th of August right here in our chatrooms! Our guest this time is Phil Yates, Lead Game Designer!

Flames Of War Vietnam Developer Chat: 9pm (BST) Thursday!

We have great success when we hosted our last chat with the Infinity guys and since it's 'Nam Week we thought we'd hit up Flames of War too!

Ask him questions about Tour of Duty and maybe you could even squeeze in some questions about the other Flames of War settings.

The Q&A session will be hosted in our chatrooms (see the bar at the bottom!).

As before if you have questions you can post them below as well as asking them on the night. Adding a question below in the comments however means Mr Yates might have more time to mull over his answer!

Get commenting and we hope you join us!