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Gaming In The Vietnam War – 50th Anniversary Of The Tet Offensive: Part Five


We wrap up this awesome
Vietnam War series…

Weekender: Holy Kickstarter Batman! Monolith’s Ace New Project + Back To Vietnam!


Gaming In The Vietnam War – 50th Anniversary Of The Tet Offensive: Part Four


Head To ‘Nam With New Miniatures Game By Battlefront


Battlefront is going to be moving to the jungles of Vietnam with their new ‘Nam Rulebook release. This time around the system used draws on the Team Yankee mechanics to fuel your battles.

Gaming In The Vietnam War – 50th Anniversary Of The Tet Offensive: Part Three


Desperate fighting breaks out at Khe Sanh in the third part of this epic Vietnam series…

Gaming In The Vietnam War – 50th Anniversary Of The Tet Offensive: Part Two


Fierce fighting breaks out during the opening battles of the Tet Offensive!

Gaming In The Vietnam War – 50th Anniversary Of The Tet Offensive: Part One


Weekender: Sinking Ships In UBOOT, Vietnam On The Tabletop & Win A Guild Ball Prize!


Welcome to The Weekender where we’ve got two great interviews for you this week plus loads more!

Desert Conflicts, Late-War & ‘Nam Call You To Flames Of War


A new series of releases are coming out throughout the rest of October and into the new year.

Wargames Illustrated Add To Giants In Miniature WWII Collection


Two hard cases have joined the selection of Giants In Miniature from Wargames Illustrated since we last looked at them.

Plastic Soviets & Jungle Bushes New For Flame Of War


Battlefront have been adding to both the Brown Water Navy range and their existing (and very extensive) World War II range too. Not only do they have some new terrain in the form of Jungle Bushes for the Vietnam game but also some new plastics! See what you think of their new Strelkovy Company…

Fighting In Flames Of War Brown Water Navy Heats Up With New Boats


Brown Water Navy continues to be supported by Battlefront for Flames of War with a look at three new kits. Two of them involve boats with both the Local Resistance teams for the PAVN and Patrol Boats for the Americans. The Navy SEALs are also involved with a new set…

Weekender: FoW Vietnam & New Raging Heroes’ Kickstarter!


We dive into this Easter Weekender
by checking out the thoroughly
unthematic look at World War II!
As well as checking out an
awesome Autoblinda Fabio, we
have a look at Oriskany’s World
War 2.5 package
that came in the mail.

The Local Flames Of War Vietnam Forces Sort Their HQ Out


Will you be blending in with the locals with the PAVN Local Force Battalion HQ Box for Flames of War and Tour of Duty?

Take Desperate Measures With Flames Of War


See what you think of the Flames of War additions coming this December. They have added to the forces of World War II, Vietnam and the Arab/Israeli conflict.

FoW FTW: Warren & Dave’s Vietnam Armies


Warren and David sit down to have a chat about the armies their planning to build up for Flames of War Vietnam. David will be fighting for the northern PAVN forces and Warren has chosen to break out the good ol’ boys of the U.S.A.

‘Nam Week Wallpaper


To round off the week we thought it would be cool to give you lot the ‘Nam Week image as a couple of wallpapers for your PC or tablet.

What’s in the Box: Paddy Fields & Vietnamese Huts


As the last of our unboxings Warren and Gareth sit down
to have a look at some of the terrain you’ll be using in
your games of Flames of War Vietnam!

Flames of War for the Win: Nam Week – Basic Training Part 5


Time for the final part of our basic training series for
‘Nam Week, Warren is calling in every bit of air
power he can muster to blow up as many of the
PAVN forces as he can.

What’s in The Box: OH-6 Loach


Warren gets a look at the
OH-6 Loach from the guys
at Battlefront Miniatures, both him
and Gareth both seem to love these
little scout choppers, and best of all
its a full plastic kit!

Flames Of War For The Win: ‘Nam Week – Basic Training Part 4


We’re closing in on the end of ‘Nam Week and the guys have moved onto more of the cool tricks those sneaky PAVN troops can pull. How do you feel about them swiping your objectives?!

What’s In The Box: M113 APC Platoon


The guys sit down to have a look at one of Warren’s
favorite kits the M113 APC Platoon!

Between The Pages Of Flames Of War Tour of Duty!


Warren and David are back for their dose of Vietnam
and in this one their taking a long look at the
Tour of Duty source book. What kind of
flavour and rules does this book
have to offer?

Flames Of War For The Win: ‘Nam Week – Basic Training Part 3


Warren and David are back for their dose of Vietnam and in this one their taking a long look at the Tour of Duty source book. What kind of flavour and rules does this book have to offer?

Flames Of War Vietnam Developer Chat: 9pm (BST) Thursday!


We’ve got another awesome developer chat set up for
you guys starting tomorrow (Thursday 8th August)
where you can pose your questions to Phil Yates,
Lead Game Designer right here in our chatroom!

What’s in The Box: K-2 (T-54) Ironclad Company


Time for more heavy metal goodies as Warren and Gareth take a look at the K-2 (T-54) Ironclad Company. Will these be making their way in to your PAVN forces or will you be waiting to find out a bit more about the sneaky ambush
rules for the Northern forces?

Flames of War For The Win: ‘Nam Week – Basic Training Part 2


Time for part two of our look at the basics of Flames of War Vietnam and what makes it such a cool game. Warren and his experts have a quick look at how injuring troops will affect your game, and what you can do to keep your
guys in the fight.

What’s In The Box: Centurion Tanks!


This is one for all you tread-heads out there!
Warren and Gareth have a sit down to look
at the mighty Centurion Tanks for
Flames of War’s Vietnam setting.
This one is pretty mega!

FoW For The Win: ‘Nam Week – Basic Training Part 1


Warren has gotten in to the spirit of things and brought Gareth from Battlefront to have a look at Flames of War Vietnam and joining them are two of the guys from the Chelmsford Bunker! We’re about to take our first Tour of Duty so GET TO THE CHOPPER!

Goood Morning ‘Nam Week!!!


Warren and Dave have shipped in for the first
of our ‘Nam Week videos and they get a chat
about their thoughts on the setting of the
Vietnam War and what’s going to be
happening in the videos this week.

Smell The Napalm As ‘Nam Week Hits August 5th!


‘Nam Week is coming on August the 5th. So if you like muttering phrases like “You weren’t there man” or “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” then you might want to tune in.

Get Some Heavy Tour Of Duty Weaponry For Your US Troopers


Check out some more additions to the Tour of Duty line from Flames of War and Battlefront. Some tanks are always a welcome addition.

Heavy Tour Of Duty Support Incoming For Flames Of War


Flames of War is building up with a look at more models for Tour of Duty. Will you grab tanks, helicopters, infantry or even some terrain?

Bolster Your Vietnam Ground Forces For Flames Of War


Check out the newest raft of additions
to the Flames of War line from
Battlefront. There’s even a bit of World
War II in there for you too!

Roll Up In Tanks With Anti-Armour In Tour Of Duty


Grab some more modern looking infantry and heavy support for your Vietnamese forces in Tour of Duty, a supplement for Flames of War.

Roll Out The Vietnamese Armour With Flames Of War


Check out the new tanks and terrain coming from Flames of War for Tour of Duty and general gaming.

Mortars, Tanks, Rifles And More For Vietnam & Tour Of Duty


Flames of War offers up more for the US Army in Tour of Duty this coming Saturday (23rd of March).

Expand Your Vietnamese Army For Tour Of Duty


Check out these new releases for the weekend that will add to the new supplement, Tour of Duty. The PAVN are getting plenty of reinforcements!

Begin Your Tour of Duty In Vietnam With Flames Of War


Check out the latest additions to the Flames of War line that delve into the jungles of Vietnam. Tour of Duty promises to be a very interesting book indeed!

Flames of war (NAM) & Gale Force Nine


Adam corners another poor defenceless games developer at Adepticon. This time it’s Joe from Battlefront and Galeforce 9.

Welcome to the Jungle with RECON28


Some historical releases from the midst of a steaming jungle from RECON28.

M48A3 Patton Tank… Up Close and Personal


Time for a look at one of the Flames of War tanks from the Vietnam War.
The M48A3 Patton, sports a rather nasty arsenal of weapons and ammunition types and looks to be a handy addition your latest US force.