Weekender: Holy Kickstarter Batman! Monolith’s Ace New Project + Back To Vietnam!

February 17, 2018 by brennon

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We've got a chock-a-block episode of The Weekender for you where we're checking out some awesome projects from various tabletop genres...

Weekender: Holy Kickstarter Batman! Monolith's Ace New Project + Back To Vietnam!

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However, it looks like something is up with Az right now?

Malign Portents

We take a quick look at the new book for Age of Sigmar which will help you plan out your next campaign moves and delve deeper into the Mortal Realms.

The new Harbinger models are also looking great too and we can't wait to get some paint down on them to see how they look when finished!

Warren Meets Mat

Warren takes a look at one of the new mats from GameMat.Eu, the Chem Zone. This is the one that you folks helped name a few weeks ago and it looks awesome with some of this additional 4Ground terrain on it.

What games would you use the mat for?


We stop in to check out some highlights from this week in the news...

...what caught your eye from this week on the website?

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Interview

We sit down and chat with the minds behind Monolith's Batman: Gotham City Chronicles and talk about what is in store for you when you back the Kickstarter.

You can also check out our Let's Play of the game which went up this week HERE.


Have you taken a look at these two projects which are on Kickstarter right now?

...which of these two would you back?

Tet Offensive Vietnam Interview

With the Tet Offensive Series winding up on Monday we talked with Oriskany, our Historical Editor, about the period a bit more and other ways in which you can enjoy Historical gaming on the tabletop.

The series has been a fantastic one and we heartily recommend checking it out in more detail.

WIN Star Wars: Legion + Battle Foam Inserts!

We have an awesome giveaway for you this week as well. You could win the Star Wars: Legion Core Set (check out our content on the game HERE) and also some Battle Foam Inserts to keep it all safe.

All you have to do is...

Tell Us Your Sith Title & Describe Your Lightsabre

...make yourself as cool or as silly as possible and a winner will be picked at random from those who enter.

Prize Claims

Make sure to also Claim Your Prize if you hear your name as we announced the winners for Rambo: The Board Game and also the person who got their hands on that Khador Colossal from last week's show!

Have a great weekend!

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