Empress Miniatures Release New Snapshots Of The Vietnam War

March 26, 2020 by brennon

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Empress Miniatures has been teasing a few of their options for the Vietnam War over the past few weeks and now a selection of those kits are now available for you to snap up from their store. Check out their Historical goodies down below...

NVA Command Pack - Empress Miniatures

We start with this kit, the NVA Command Pack. This gives you a band of soldiers who are trying to keep everything moving in this strange and dense warzone. As well as the radio operators you also have a few helpful attendants who are going a lot of the heavy lifting too. You could use these characters as targets for you to take out in a game, severing the communication network across the battlefield perhaps.

I also like the idea that they can be protected and used to call in strikes from off the tabletop. Maybe you need helicopter support, an evacuation or just for your companions in another platoon to get his ass to the front line so they can support you!

Save The Crew!

Following on from that we've also got the Bailed Out Armour Crew which again gives us ideas for scenarios.

Bailed Out Armour Crew - Empress Miniatures

You could very easily make these characters part of another game where you have to rush through the jungle in order to save these soldiers from being captured. Then, you need to escort that poor heroic fellow on the right who is carrying his buddy away from the flames. It would certainly make for an emotive battle.

Fire For Effect

Providing some covering fire we've also got the 60mm Mortar Crew which is shown here either packed away and on the march or set up so it can start raining down fire on the enemy.

60mm Mortar Crew - Empress Miniatures

These sets are always so incredibly detailed and give you a nice snapshot into the period. All of the soldiers look to be wearing the appropriate gear and should be a blast to paint once you've got them onto your hobby table.

World War II Brits

As well as the peek at the Vietnam War, we also have a new Late War British Vickers Team who are setting up to give some covering fire.

British Late War Vickers Team - Empress Miniatures

So, if you're in more of a World War II mood and want to instead dive in and add to your British force in 28mm then you have this option as well. It is well worth exploring more of what Empress Miniatures has to offer as they are still trading despite the lockdown across the UK. It seems like a good time to support some of the smaller companies.

Will you be snapping up some new models from Empress?

"It is well worth exploring more of what Empress Miniatures has to offer as they are still trading despite the lockdown across the UK..."

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