Empress Release Four New ANZAC Packs For Vietnam Wargamers

May 22, 2020 by brennon

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Empress Miniatures has released four new packs of ANZAC miniatures into the mix for those of you playing out your Vietnam War battles. We start with a pack of Officers, NCOs and Scouts w/ M16s.

-5ec7846a6b822--5ec7846a6b823Officers, NCO And Scouts With M16 - Empress Miniatures.jpg

This set gives you a nice collection of dynamic figures who are all in the middle of patrolling. They look like they are staring off into the jungle as they've just heard gunfire or the rustle of an ambusher about to leap on them. Each of them is wearing their distinctive hats and the sculpts themselves are packed with detail.

Blow Them Up!

Next, we move onto the Owen SMG & Grenade Launcher Pack which gives you a good shock unit for charging the enemy. Those SMGs are perfect for close-quarters combat and the grenade launcher allows you to crack open a fortified position.

Owen SMG And Grenade Launcher Pack - Empress Miniatures

Again, the miniatures are packed with detail and you'd have a lot of fun painting these up and then drenching them in weathering materials to show how beleaguered they are. I imagine as soon as you got off the helicopter and started trudging through the jungle you'd end up covered in mud, sweat and probably a fair bit of blood.

Lay Down Covering Fire!

Next up is a team which can lay down some covering fire. This gives you an M60 Team which is both set-up and ready to fire and also in the middle of booking it to a new, safer, position.

-5ec7846878ea7--5ec7846878ea8M60 LMG Support Pack - Empress Miniatures.jpg

It's good to have the two variants here and I would most certainly use them to represent the machine gun team on-the-move and then dug in. It might be a bit unnecessary but I think it would add another level of narrative to the experience.


Finally, we have perhaps a scenario-specific pack. This gives you a Command With RTO And Medic With Casualty.

Command With RTO And Medic With Casualty - Empress Miniatures

Here you could have the Medic And Casualty being the pair that you need to rush towards through oncoming fire, hoping to evac them as quickly as possible. You could also have the Command element of the pack stranded deep behind enemy lines. Maybe you roll each turn to see if they can get the radio working whilst your troops are rushing forward to try and help them?

What do you think of these new packs from Empress Miniatures?

"I would most certainly use them to represent the machine gun team on-the-move and then dug in..."

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