Empress Miniatures Roll Out The M48 Patton

September 20, 2019 by avernos

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Empress Miniatures has released a new resin and metal model of the M48 Patton for the Vietnam war.

mpress Miniatures M48 Front

The M48 was used extensively by both the USMC and the US Army throughout the Vietnam war, with over 600 being deployed in Vietnam from 1965 onward. Primarily an infantry support tank it was used extensively and performed well in country. When US forces began redeployment in 1973 many of them were handed over to Army of the Republic of Vietnam, and the M48 was still seeing service into the 1980s making it a very versatile tank for many periods and nations.

Empress Miniatures M48 RHS

As you'd expect the kit from Empress is very well detailed with clean castings and all the requisite pieces to make an accurate tabletop model.

This kit also comes with the addition of a spare road wheel and track links that can be attached for a more unique version of the tank and an option for the 50cal to either pintle mount it or have it attached to the commanders cupola.

mpress Miniatures M48 LHS

Once again Empress Miniatures have done a fantastic job and their range for the Vietnam War is expanding on a constant basis and well worth checking out.

Is the Vietnam War one you're interested in?

"As you'd expect the kit from Empress is very well detailed with clean castings..."

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