Battlefront Miniatures’ Art Of War Book Now Available To Buy

December 1, 2020 by brennon

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Battlefront Miniatures has now made their new Art Of War book available to buy which features pieces taken from fifteen years of Flames Of War, Team Yankee and more.

Art Of War - Battlefront Miniatures

Art Of War // Battlefront Miniatures

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Throughout this book, you'll find artwork which covers the periods of World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War and plenty from The Cold War era for Team Yankee too. As well as being a stunning collection of pieces to show off on the coffee table it might also provide you with just what you need inspiration-wise for your next army.

Flames Of War Art #1 - Battlefront Miniatures

Flames Of War Art // Battlefront Miniatures

These pieces of artwork as snapshots of action that you could play out on the tabletop and could perhaps even provide you with some alternative ideas for scenarios to play out as well as armies to build.

Flames Of War Art #2 - Battlefront Miniatures

Flames Of War Art // Battlefront Miniatures

There are 176 pages of artwork contained within this book making it a fairly mammoth tome. It just goes to show just how much work has gone into Flames Of War over the years and the different theatres of war they have covered.

Vietnam Art - Battlefront Miniatures

Vietnam War Art // Battlefront Miniatures

I like that the book focuses in on some of the games from Battlefront which aren't quite as popular as World War II or The Cold War. It's always cool seeing more of the Vietnam War art pop up and maybe we'll see Battlefront return to that in the future in more detail!

Will you be showing this off on your coffee table?

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