Empress Takes More Vietnam War Miniatures Into The Jungle

February 21, 2020 by brennon

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Empress Miniatures are adding more unfortunates into the mix for those heading to the sweaty jungles of the Vietnam War. We start with the introduction of a Bailed Out Tank Crew which will give you the options you need for some dire scenarios.

USMC Bailed Out Tank Crew #1 - Empress Miniatures

This fellow is armed with his grease gun and is most likely looking to cover his friends and crewmates as they seek to hobble away from the flaming wreck that their tank has become. This miniature combined with these additional crew members, one hauling the other away from the fire, would make for an excellent if harrowing diorama.

USMC Bailed Out Tank Crew #2 - Empress Miniatures

You could see these miniatures being used as part of a scenario where you are at the head of a rescue mission which is heading out into the jungle to try and save a beleaguered crew who have been ambushed by the Vietcong. I could see the scenario using a ticking clock mechanic where the crew are under sustained attack as your soldiers try and rush forward.

Calling For Help

As well as the crew above who are struggling away from the battlefield you've also got an NVA Officer With Radio Mule who could have run into the jungle with the rescue team.

NVA Officer With Radio Mule - Empress Miniatures

Mule seems like quite a mean term for someone helping you out but I suppose you have been effectively 'saddled' with the burden of having to cart around a heavy radio in a basket backpack. I could see these miniatures being part of plenty of scenarios, perhaps even calling in air support and artillery instead of being part of a rescue team.

Paul Hicks is the talented hand behind these sculpts and it's well worth checking out more HERE.

Are you going to snap up these new models when they release?

"Are you going to snap up these new models when they release?"

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