Full Metal Miniatures Vietnamese Civilians Previewed

July 30, 2020 by avernos

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Full Metal Miniatures have just previewed a set of six Vietnamese civilians in 28mm. Full Metal Miniatures focus exclusively on the Vietnam War and make a range of robust gaming pieces for gaming that are often based around footage from the conflict itself.

Vietnamese Civilians // Full Metal Miniatures

This initial set of civilians are sculpted going about their daily life, whether it is planting or sitting and eating they make a great group of models to be scattered around your table. They could be easily folded into your games as the guerilla conflict impacted the civilian population, either trying to find insurgents or as innocent civilians to be protected or avoided.

The sculpts are still a work in progress but you can already see a lot of character in them already and as the this is the first of the packs I imagine we'll see a lot more variation in people and what they're doing.

For a conflict like the Vietnam War, I think civilian miniatures are more important to have available than for other conflicts. Never knowing if a civilian is a sympathiser or even a member of the Viet Cong they can be woven into the narrative of your tabletop games.

The Full Metal Miniatures range lends itself to diorama building or very narrative-driven scenarios with unique packs like these or Marines evacuating a casualty. They're a niche range but one definitely worth paying attention to, especially as we move towards 2021 were several well-known authors are planning new Vietnam rules.

Would you get involved in a land war in Asia?

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