Head To Vietnam & The Civil War With Wargames Illustrated

March 22, 2019 by brennon

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Wargames Illustrated has introduced three new miniatures for their Giants In Miniature collection. We start with their trip to Vietnam with Sgt Burns & PFC Noble.

Sgt Burns & PFC Noble #1 - Wargames Illustrated

These two new additions take us to the dangerous and war-torn jungles of Vietnam where things are pretty desperate. Sergeant Burns is the Veteran of the pack whilst Private First Class Noble comes in as the new recruit, fresh off the helicopter and now facing horrors beyond belief.

Sgt Burns & PFC Noble #2 - Wargames Illustrated

I'm sure that if you want to delve into Vietnam and use a couple of familiar looking characters to lead the way then this would be a good start.

Vietnam is definitely a theatre of war which I think could be explored on the tabletop in different ways. Of course, you have the war itself and everything that throws up but also you can also delve into some pretty Weird stuff as well if you want to go beyond the bounds of history and reality.

Civil War Hero

As well as these Vietnam soldiers for the US we also have Johnny Clem, another American soldier.

Johnny Clem - Wargames Illustrated

Here is some of the background on the character of Johnny Clem...

In May 1861 John Clem tried to join the Union army. Not yet 10 years old, Clem’s service was refused by the 3rd Ohio. Clem tried to join the 22nd Michigan, where the unit’s officers adopted him as a mascot and drummer boy. He won fame at the Battle of Chickamauga. Rather than surrender to a Confederate Colonel, Clem shot him and escaped back to Union lines. Clem was promoted to sergeant, the youngest soldier ever to become a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, and became known as the ‘Drummer Boy of Chickamauga.’

A lot of folks are snapping these miniatures up so they can develop a nice collection but I also think they could be the catalyst to more learning and of course bigger armies!

What do you make of these new additions?

"Vietnam is definitely a theatre of war which I think could be explored on the tabletop in different ways..."

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