Empress Grow Their Vietnam Range With ANZACs & Jeeps!

March 13, 2020 by brennon

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A few more previews dropped over the past few days as Empress Miniatures show off more from their Vietnam War range. We start with a peek at some ANZAC Soldiers who are going to be heading into steamy jungles to tackle a hidden foe.

ANZAC #1 - Empress Miniatures

These ANZAC Soldiers have come from the sculpting hand of Paul Hicks and give you a peek at the early period of the Vietnam War. They come armed with appropriate weapons and absolutely laden with accessories and other bits and pieces they've had to haul with them onto the battlefield.

ANZAC #2 - Empress Miniatures

A couple of sculpts have already been previewed but it seems like there will be a lot more coming to support the growing Vietnam War range. It's good to see that they are exploring adding a variety of different forces into the mix for this collection since Vietnam was such a melting pot of different armies. As with everything else from Hicks, the models are very nicely detailed and should pop with a good base coat and a wash when getting battle-ready.

Driving Dangerously

As well as the infantry, Empress Miniatures also showed off two of the new vehicle kits which are coming to the range too. We start with this Mighty Mite as they've dubbed it.

Mighty Mite - Empress Miniatures

This vehicle comes with a mounted M60 and will come with a full crew too. You'll have a crew of three in the mix soon enough with a Driver, NCO/Officer and then a passenger in the back who could well be ready with the gun should anything ambush them!

There is also this Ford Mutt which is also coming to support the advance of your infantry. I think any soldier would be glad to have a mobile weapon platform in the mix.

Ford Mutt - Empress Miniatures

This vehicle comes armed with a 50 cal but it can also be mounted with a 30 Cal or M60. They have also said that they might throw in a grenade launcher although they can't find evidence that the US ever used it. I mean, I wouldn't say no to a grenade launcher.

Additionally, it looks like the team are going to be getting some Military Police ready for this range too. So, they seem to have a lot of angles covered!

Will you be heading into Vietnam with Empress Miniatures?

"I think any soldier would be glad to have a mobile weapon platform in the mix..."

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