Flames Of War Hobby League Update

October 24, 2019 by crew

Warren and Gerry are joined by John Matthews of Battlefront Miniatures to talk about the Flames Of War Hobby League.

Flames of War Hobby League Update

The guys sit down to talk about the hobby league and reward some of the project entries on the OnTableTop site with £20 gift vouchers for the OnTableTop Store. Some of the work on display is absolutely inspiring but there are words of encouragement from Warren that everyone should take to heart:

"The only thing your hobby has to do is bring you joy...How long you do it for? It's up to you. Who do you do it with? It's up to you...The only thing we want to see from a hobbyist is 'did you enjoy yourself'".

So in that celebratory vein, we'll be giving away a free Hobby League pack and Global Campaign pack with purchases of Hit The Beach on the OnTableTop Store. Just use the code FOWULTIMATEHOBBY at checkout and the bundle will be added.

Tell us about some of your favourite hobbying from the league thus far!

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