Flames of War Bag in Black

July 19, 2011 by lloyd

Do you think everything is cooler in black?

If you do then your in luck as Wayland Games have got in a limited number of Black Battle Foam Flames of War bags (wow that's a mouth full).

Flames of War Bag in Black

I gota say the red is very striking on this and it seams to be a pretty ok price to, with it on offer at  £54.00 not the RRP £60.00.

Here's a little detail about it's 6 foam trays:

1 x Small Base Tray with 44 small cavities

2 x Medium Base Tray with 27 medium cavities

1 x Large Tank Tray with 18 large tank cavities

1 x Artillery Tray with 12 large cavities and 5 command team cavities

1 x Medium Tank Tray with 16 tank cavities and 2 large tank cavities

If you like the look of this and want to know more then click here.

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