Battlefront Previews Flames of War Digital App!

November 14, 2014 by deltagamegirl22


Battlefront Miniatures has released a preview of their soon to be released digital application for Flames of War. With this application you will have all your resources at your fingertips, you will instant access to intelligence handbooks, individual briefings and free of charge digital content. No word if the actual rule book will be made available digitally, however to me that makes sense that way one will only need to carry a tablet and cut down on weight and items to be carried to your next big game or tournament.

According to Battlefront Miniatures the purchased content will be cloud storage based so you can have access to it from multiple devices. You will also have the opportunity to purchase out of print items. So, if you are like us and like to collect the Flames of War series of books and other printed items this will be the solution for you.


While I definitely appreciate the feel of a real book, you cannot argue against having everything at your finger tips in a digital format as long as the application has ease of use as Battlefront is stating it will. The app will also have the list builder included as well, so it appears that Battlefront is trying to make as useful and well rounded as possible.


I am excited to see the finished product when it becomes available, as of right now they are saying that it will be available in the App Store for Apple end of November and in Google Play Store soon. No word if the application will be free or if there will be price affixed. As soon as I can get my hands on the application I promise to let all of you know what we think of it and how well it works.


I am looking forward to seeing this in action, how about you?

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