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Pendraken Releasing 3rd Ed Of Blitzkrieg Commander At Salute


Pendraken Miniatures has announced that they are taking pre-orders for their latest edition of Blitzkrieg Commander.

Join Robin’s Band Of Merry Men In The New RPG Now On Kickstarter


Fearlight Games is back on Kickstarter with a new campaign to help fund their newest adventure RPG, Hood: Swashbuckling Adventures in Sherwood.

Mantic Games Clash Of Kings Organised Play Supplement Up For Pre-Order


Mantic Games has a new tome up for pre-order for Kings of War.

Studio Tomahawk’s SAGA Aetius & Arthur Up For Pre-order


Gripping Beasts along with Studio Tomahawk have up for pre-order the new SAGA supplement, SAGA Aetius & Arthur!

An Update To WWII Game Disposable Heroes Is Now On Kickstarter


On Kickstarter right now is a the campaign to bring the second edition of Disposable Heroes to life.

New Campaign Supplement For SAGA On The Way!


Studio Tomahawk has released some information for a new campaign booklet for SAGA.

Attention All Personnel MASHED RPG Now On Kickstarter, That Is All


Here is an interesting little campaign on Kickstarter for a RPG based during the Korean War.

Osprey Publishing To Release Napoleonic Skirmish Rules


Ever thought of having skirmish battles set in the Napoleonic War era? You might want to check out this new rulebook coming in December.

Spectre Miniatures Rulebook Up For Pre-Order


Spectre Miniatures is getting really close to releasing their own rulebook. You might want to check it out!

Mantic Games Offical Press Release For Kings Of War Historical


Mantic Games will soon be releasing the next volume in the Kings of War universe and this time they are looking towards history. Will you join the campaign?

Skirmish Afrika Is Now Live From Dishdash Games For Skirmish Sangin


Dishdash Games have released their latest supplement for the Skirmish Sangin series.

Marvel Universe Game Rulebook Available As Knights Models Free Download


Knight Models has done it! The Marvel Universe Miniatures Game rulebook is here.

North Star Are Distributors For Siege Work’s Grand Battles Napoleon


North Star Military Figures has a new offering for all you historical gamers out there.

Combat Patrol To Be Released By Sally 4th In UK & EU


Sally 4th has announced that they have been granted the UK and EU licenseto publish and release the card driven miniatures rule set Combat Patrol.

2016 Heralds New Errata For Warmachine & Hordes


If you are a Warmachine / Hordes Player you will want to make sure you are up to date with the rules changes with this errata.

Radio Dishdash Release Skirmish Outbreak: Medieval Mayhem


Radio Dishdash Publishing and Studio Miniatures have brought even more zombierific fun for Skirmish Outbreak with a new supplement.

Catalyst Game Labs Brings In The Mercenaries For Battletech


Catalyst Game Labs has a new in the works source book now in beta testing for Battletech. See how you can get involved.

Grab The Bull By The Horns With Impondo Zankhomo Zulu War Rules


Impondo Zankhomo, The Horns of the Bull the new rule set for the Anglo-Zulu War from Matakishi's Tea House is ready for your reading pleasure.

Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition RPG Is Now Available


Calling all of you Mutant Chronicle fans, Modiphious has released the newest edition of the their RPG.

Battlefront Go Back To The Great War With New Book


Battlefront Miniatures has a new book coming out for The Great War system.

Wild West Comes To Kickstarter In RPG Style From Scaldcrow Games


Scaldcrow games has a Kickstarter campaign going on right now for an RPG set in the Old West.

Warlord Games Has Gone Heat Crazy With Free Plastic Sets


Warlord Games is having a big summer starter special. I think the heat is melting their brains.

Skirmish Sangin Gets Small Patrol Scenarios For The Royal Marines


Radio Dishdash Publishing's Skirmish Sangin continues to release further scenarios to keep players deep in the action.

Gangfight Games Update Rules For Blackwater Gulch


Gangfight Games the minds behind Blackwater Gulch have come out with some updates.

Clockwork Goblin Previews Pictures From Upcoming Rulebook


Clockwork Goblin Minis has released some pictures from their upcoming rulebook to due out later this month.

Osprey Publishing Sets A Date For Honours of War


Osprey Publishing gives us a heads up on the release of Honours of War.

Infinity Releases New Rules For Tohaa


Corvus Belli has released update rules for the Tohaa. The army builder is update as well with the new Kaeltar.

Wargaming Your Way With Open Combat Rules


Second Thunder has taken to Kickstarter to create a printed version of their rules.

Ancient Roman Battles with Centuria from Massimo Torriani


Centuria is a new rule set for gaming in ancient Rome. You too can now command the Legions of Rome!

R.A. Salvatore’s DemonWars: Allheart New On Kickstarter


R.A. Salvatore famed author of many novels especially for Dungeons and Dragons, is back on Kickstarter for his RPG.

Battlefront Previews Flames of War Digital App!


Battlefront Miniatures gives us a preview of their soon to be released digital app for Flames of War. You will have at your fingertips access to their collection of reference materials.

Despatches No. 2 Released For Skirmish Sangin


Radio Dishdash has released the second Despatches source book. Now they have expanded the rules for more fighting equipment and expanded the bad guys.

The Vampire’s Codex RPG has Risen!


Vampires are everywhere this time of the year and now you can play as one in this new RPG called The Vampire's Codex from 20 Eyes entertainment Inc. now running on Kickstarter.

Revolutionary Rules in Land of the Free From Osprey Publishing


Care to take your miniature game back in time to the Revolutionary War? Osprey Publishing is taking pre-orders for the Land of the Free, their Wargames Rules for North America from 1754-1815.

Play The Eastern Front In The Great War From Too Fat Lardies


Too Fat Lardies are at it again and have just released a new supplement for their WWI game rule set, Through The Mud and The Blood.

Midst Battle Din Rules Now Available


Morningstar Productions has released another two page rule set this time set in the "black powder" age.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Captain Or King?


Captains and Kings is a new rule set from Two Hour Wargames, that lets you conduct warfare in the Medieval time period.

Bringing The Funky 70’s To The Table With Spirit of 77 RPG


If you loved the 70s or loved any of what came out of that decade, then this is the RPG for you! MonkeyFun Studios brings us Spirit of 77 RPG, now on Kickstarter.

2nd Ed From Broadsword to Bullets Rules Released!


The updated release of the 2nd Edition of Battlefields:From Broadswords to Bullets rulebook from Quick and Easy Games.

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