Skirmish Afrika Is Now Live From Dishdash Games For Skirmish Sangin

July 18, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Dishdash Games the creative minds behind the modern warfare rule set Skirmish Sangin have now added a new region to take the fight to, Skirmish Afrika.

This 124 page full colour rulebook expansion lets you fight in some remote war-torn areas of the Dark Continent. What makes this interesting and how they were able to be politically correct in some of the more sensitive regions of the continent by creating fictitious countries.

Colin Phillips the author of the book, created all new borders and fictitious countries that you may recognize some bits of history. Still an impressive piece of creative work when it comes down to rewriting a whole continent's history and geopolitical atmosphere. I have always had a passion for Africa and remember seeing old Soldier of Fortune magazines and watching old movies on mercenaries like "The Wild Geese".

In this book you have background and Order of Battle (ORBATS) for each of the 14 countries.

There are also rules for forming your own Private Military Contractor (PMC) group and even rules for UN Troops.

You can also assemble an Afrikaan Guerrilla  force and play them as well. Just like some of the contested regions anything goes.

It comes down to who brings the bigger and better toys and knows how to use them. I just downloaded the .pdf and cannot wait to give it a proper read through.


This will be a welcome addition to my Kickstarter bundle I just received for Maalintii Rangers (Day of the Rangers) pledge. I hope to be posting so write ups on the miniatures and terrain soon.

Do you have what it takes to fit in the heart of Afrika?

"It comes down to who brings the bigger and better toys and knows how to use them..."

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