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Eldfall Chronicles Coming To Kickstarter May 18th


Over the past few months, we've been keeping an eye on the upcoming fantasy skirmish game from Freecompany, the Eldfall Chronicles. We've been given a glimpse into the world, the factions and even a bit of the gameplay and now we have confirmation of the date it's coming to Kickstarter on 18th May if you want to stay informed you can sign up on their website now. 

Raging Heroes Void Elves Launch A Quick Raid This April


Raging Heroes has been taking everyone's breath away of late with their Heroes Infinite Patreon but for those of us sticking with real models that you can hold in your hand, there is a Void Elf Event that is running until the end of April.

Eureka Miniatures Crowdfunding For WWII Chinese


Eureka Miniatures are looking for people to join their 100 Club to help crowdfund a set of WWII Chinese. So what exactly does that mean I hear you ask? Well in the mists of time before Crowdfunding platforms were a thing Eureka Miniatures came up with their own version.

The Irish Enter The Dark Age Fray For V&V Miniatures


V&V Miniatures have just released the first set for their eighth dark age faction the Irish with a four-man command pack.

Cult Of Games XLBS: Focusing On The Hobby & Bringing In The Big Guns


Brian Jenkins, known to most of you as Youtube's TemplarsCrusade01 joins us this week to talk hobby, double entendres and more!

Reaper Minis Aren’t Fat They’re Big Boned As Kickstarter Hits


Assuming you've not been living under a bridge you will know who Reaper Minis are, purveyors of miniatures for tabletop games they were one of many companies supplying a variety of tabletop miniatures,

Bolt Action Unboxing: Hungarian Honved Division Section (Winter)


Justin and Gerry take a look at the winter variant of the Hungarian infantry division for use in the new Fortress Budapest theatre book for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Weekender: Slaanesh Returns & WIN Age Of Sigmar Champions Goodies!


Big news for Age Of Sigmar, interviews with PlayFusion and Battlefront's all happening this week!

Let’s Play: Chain Of Command – Going With A Bang!


Join Rich from Too Fat Lardies and our own Justin as they tackle a scenario from the Blitzkrieg 1940 book released earlier this year for Chain of Command.

Kill Team Unboxing: Rogue Trader


Pre-orders for Rogue Trader, the expansion to Games Workshop's boxed skirmish game Kill Team, have opened today so let's get a look at what you'll be playing with!

Puppets War Go Full Tilt At Alien Cavalry


Puppets War have published a couple of previews, including an update on their upcoming alien cavalry, now wielding long lances.

Froth At the Mouth For Fantasy Flight’s RuneWars Berserkers


Fantasy Flight have a new RuneWars unit up for pre-order and have shown them off in all their brutal glory. The Uthuk Y'llan's Berserker Unit Expansion.

MaxMini Find Someone Dwelling In The Desert


MaxMini are expanding their Desert Dweller heads by building the rest of the figure.

Snowtroopers Hunt Rebels Across Star Wars: Legion’s


Fantasy Flight Games have a new Star Wars: Legion unit expansion for the Imperial forces up for pre-order. When the Rebels try to hide on frozen planets, the Snowtroopers will be hot on their heels.

Titan Forge Announce New Range Based On Asian Mythology


Titan Forge have announced that this May will see the release of a new army based on Asian mythology; the forces of the Dragon Empire.

Landsknecht Missile Troops Ready To Support Warlord


Warlord Games have announced that they will soon be releasing a set of 28mm plastic Landsknecht Missile Troops to support your 16th century lines.

Let’s Play: Chain of Command – Into The Reich


Rich is back for another battle report from Chain of Command.

Hordes Unboxing: Pyg Lookout


We've spotted some Pyg Lookouts Trollbloods for Privateer Press's miniature wargame Hordes.

FireForge Preview More Minis For Their Northmen Kickstarter


FireForge have shown off some assembled WiP minis for their upcoming Northmen Infantry Kickstarter.

Puppets War’s Spec-Ops Comes Sneaking Towards Release


Puppets War have previewed a new unit they are preparing to bring out for release.

Dave Taylor Takes His Book To Kickstarter To Help Paint Your Armies, Legions, & Hordes


Grab Your Rifles For Warlord’s Pike & Shotte Preview


Warlord have provided us with a quick glimpse of some new minis marching their way into Pike & Shotte.

Puppets War Put On Their Greatcoats For New Body Releases


Puppets War have released a new set of Greatcoat bodies to get your soldiers ready for cold weather conditions.

Puppets War’s Fanatics Pour Out In A Hail Of Bullets


Puppets War have released a new infantry unit; the robed and sinister Fanatics.

North Star Launch Their Nickstarter Pre-Order For The Snakemen Of Frostgrave


North Star Military Figures have opened their Nickstarter Pre-order Programme to allow players to start getting their coils around the upcoming Snakemen for Frostgrave: The Ghost Archipelago.

Star Wars: Legion Painting VLOG – Part 5


We're kicking off today looking at the Imperials so far and plans for the Rebels going forward

Blackwater Gulch Fills With Minions & Monsters On Kickstarter


Gangfight Games' new Kickstarter for Blackwater Gulch, Minions and Monsters, has launched, bringing all sorts of dark and devious denizens to the of wild west horror.

Star Wars: Legion Painting VLOG – Part 4


We're moving onto the colours that I've used to bring out the details and then I paint up some Stormtrooper details.

Star Wars: Legion Painting VLOG – Part 2


In Part 2, now with everything built we get to take a look at the armies marching out for Star Wars: Legions.

Perry Miniatures Bring The Irish To The War Of The Roses


Perry Miniatures have released some new 15th century Irish, intended for use as auxiliaries in the War of the Roses.

Forge Of Destiny Builds Excitement With Minis, Renders And Print-And-Play


Read the latest details on Forge of Destiny

Warploque Take Their Talents To The Football Pitch With New WTFF Range


Warploque have announced that this year they will be bringing out their first new range of miniatures since they first launched ArcWorlde back in 2013. It's time to strap on your game kit and head out onto the football field.

The Zulus Charge Out From Perry Miniatures


Perry Miniatures have released their new plastic 28mm Zulus, enough warriors to make the British Empire stop and think twice.

King’s Empire’s Royal Rifle Corps Join The Parade At The Other Side


Wyrd Games have previewed the pride of the King's Empire in the battles of The Other Side; The Royal Rifle Corps.

Puppets War Send New Troopers Soaring


Puppets War have previewed their new troopers, showing off their capacity for magnatised equipment.

The Um’Cal Tribe Show Off Diversity & Progression In CMON’s HATE


Young Bloods, Warriors and Champion Warriors make a scene in HATE

The Crawling Chaos Of Nyarlathotep Is Summoned Into DUST


Last month saw a couple of new models appearing in the weird world war of Dust, ranging from an Axis anti-aircraft squad, to the outer god Nyarlathotep itself.

Warlord Games Open Pre-Order For The Roman Invasion Of Britain


Warlord Games have a huge new Hail Caesar box set for The Roman Invasion Of Britain, now available for pre-order.

Let’s Play: Chain of Command – Collective Farm 452


Can Justin save Russia's bacon?

Heroes Of Chronicle X: Interview With Designer Glenn Allan


Glenn Allan gives us the lowdown on the playable heroes for upcoming sci-fi miniatures board game Chronicle X.

The King’s Empire Sends Infiltrators To Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd have sneaked out their latest Other Side preview, the King's Empires stealth experts called Infiltrators.

An Army Of Samurai Appear To Pre-Order For Pike & Shotte


Warlord have a new Pike & Shotte army up for pre-order, a force of samurai ready to take to the field.

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