Eureka Miniatures Crowdfunding For WWII Chinese

April 19, 2021 by avernos

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Eureka Miniatures are looking for people to join their 100 Club to help crowdfund a set of WWII Chinese. So what exactly does that mean I hear you ask? Well in the mists of time before Crowdfunding platforms were a thing Eureka Miniatures came up with their own version. Recently they did just that to bring the Australian Home Guard to the tabletop, and now hot on its heels come the Chinese.

This project proposes the production of a line of 28mm miniatures suitable to represent a standard WW2 Chinese rifle platoon with appropriate support options for use in WW2 historical wargames. If successful, the miniatures produced will be sufficient to represent a standard-sized force in a company level game. To this end, the core focus of the project will be the production of sufficient sculpts to represent an accurately armed WW2 Chinese rifle section with era-appropriate support options and leadership.

To represent the above this project proposes the production of a rifle section including:
- 10 riflemen
- a 2-man LMG team
- 2 riflemen with grenade dischargers
- a sergeant
- a corporal

It will also include a platoon leader and the following support options:
- a 3-man machinegun team
- a 3-man Mortar team
- 2 suicide anti-tank infantry

Kosta Heristanidis’ 28mm WW2 Japanese

If the campaign reaches its funding goal of AUD$5000 of pre-orders on 30th April, the development will begin and as of the end of March, they were already over halfway to the target.  Kosta Heristanidis is lined up to sculpt them and you can see some of his previous work above and they expect to ship in September 2021.

Any funds over AUD$5000.00 will be put towards additional figures such as guerrillas and helmeted versions of core troops. I love to see campaigns like these where a suggestion from a fan can help explore a niche within our hobby. Often the suggestion would be passed over as not having the draw to be commercially viable.

If you fancy backing this campaign there are two sites where you can find out the full details and price lists.

Are you planning on joining Eureka's 100 club?

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