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Forget Warhammer & Paint These Instead! New Conquest City States Miniatures Revealed! #OTTWeekender

1 month ago 37

It's OTT Weekender time! In this episode, we're having a look at the brand new City States miniatures for Para Bellum Games' Conquest: The Last Argument Of Kings which would be brilliant to start off the new year. Forget Warhammer and paint these instead.

Eureka Miniatures Release 28mm World War 2 Chinese Army!


Eureka Miniatures has shown off their new collection of World War II Chinese that can be used to battle it out in 28mm wargames on the tabletop. This range was sculpted by Kosta Heristanidis and has been matched to the style of the Japanese army also available from the team.

Eureka Bring Back Baigent’s Empire Miniatures Range


Eureka Miniatures has re-released a bunch of miniatures from the former Empire Miniatures range by Kelly Baigent. The range of 28mm miniatures covers the 15th Century and would be a neat option for those looking to bulk out their Medieval collections.

Eureka Miniatures Release New WWI Serbians & Bulgarians


Eureka Miniatures has recently released a few new World War I miniatures for you to have a play around with. This new range in 28mm from Dmitry Malyshew allows you to play out some of the lesser-known conflicts that took place during The Great War. 

Eureka Miniatures Update Their 18mm English Civil War Range


Eureka Miniatures has updated their fairly extensive Historical 18mm English Civil War range with some more metal miniatures. The focus has been on producing more cavalry figures for you to use as both the Royalists and the Parliamentarians in your games as you struggle for command of England.

Eureka Miniatures Crowdfunding For WWII Chinese


Eureka Miniatures are looking for people to join their 100 Club to help crowdfund a set of WWII Chinese. So what exactly does that mean I hear you ask? Well in the mists of time before Crowdfunding platforms were a thing Eureka Miniatures came up with their own version.

Eureka Miniatures Showcase Avalon Bleeding Collection


If you fancy taking history in a weird direction then maybe you'd be tempted to take a peek at the Avalon Bleeding range by Eureka Miniatures.

Weekender: WIN Warhammer 40K Armies + Necrons & Space Marines; 9th Edition Is Coming!


Today On The Weekender! We're talking about the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 dropping soon, ace Historical miniatures from AB Figures and much more from the tabletop gaming world. 

Eureka Miniatures Mount WWI Australians On Camels!


Eureka Miniatures are going back into the depths of World War I history and providing us with something a bit quirky for those collecting Australians.

Eureka Miniatures Head To The Tropics With 20mm British Soldiers


Eureka Miniatures has been showing off some previews of what's coming next year.

Eureka Are In The Driving Seat With New Maximillian Racers


Eureka Miniatures have been sharing some of the work one of their sculptors has been doing as they prepare some new racers to join the Mad Maximillian game by Mana Press. 

Life Of Lead Short Film


Life of Lead takes us behind the scenes with Eureka Miniatures from JMC Academy to see what goes into building those little tiny soldiers we all love so much.

Eureka Miniatures Sculpt Up Denisovans For Mana Press’ Primeval


Eureka Miniatures has produced a range of new Denisovans for use in your games of Tribal or indeed Primeval from Mana Press.

Weird Warriors & Witchfinders Coming Soon From Eureka


Some weird and wonderful creations have popped up from Eureka as a preview of what they have sitting on their sculpting table at the moment.

Kamarg Cavalry Thunders Into Eureka’s Hawkmoon Collection


Cavalry options have been added to Eureka's Hawkmoon Fantasy range recently giving you some options for hard-hitting units on the tabletop that could rout the enemy in one charge.

Eureka Fill Up the Farm With Animals


Eureka Miniatures are about to stock the tabletop farms with new 28mm animals.

Visit An Alternative Australia With Eureka Miniatures 1930’s Range


You can now go and visit an Alternative Australia soon with some new models coming out from Eureka Miniatures.

Manapress & Eureka Join Forces For Maximillian Racing Game


Manapress have shared some more images of their new rulebook for Maximillian, coming soon to introduce you to rage-filled steampunk racing on the tabletop.

New Australian Infantry Battles In The Pacific From Eureka


The range of Australian Infantry on offer from Eureka has grown with new infantry sets available for you to pick up from their webstore.

Austrian Light Infantry March Out Of Eureka Miniatures


Marching forth as part of a growing army we have some new Austrian Light Infantry, The Grenzers, from Eureka Miniatures. Build up your early 18th Century force with some more models.

Hawkmoon Kamargians Are Coming Soon From Eureka


If you're a fan of the Hawkmoon books then Eureka have you covered with their collection of miniatures coming to life for this Fantasy world. They also wanted to show off some of the new Kamargian models they have lined up.

Scampering Fae Creatures Coming Soon From Eureka Miniatures


If you're looking to add some faerie creatures to the tabletop then these pesky sprites from Eureka Miniatures might be for you.

Celebrate May Day With Eureka & AB Figures 20mm Soviets


Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures have joined forces to bring you 20mm WWII Soviets.

Weekender XLBS: Warren’s Vikings Warband; From TV To Tabletop


Eureka Miniatures Hare Around In Their Dirty Thirties Cars


If you're looking for some impressive models to start you thinking about a different type of Pulp adventure then how about these Dirty Thirties Cars from Eureka Miniatures.

Take Aim With World War II Australians By Eureka Miniatures


Eureka Miniatures has previewed some of their upcoming Australians that will be making their way to the tabletop to fight out battles in the Pacific theatre of World War I

Eureka Go Island Hopping With WWII Pacific Aussies


Eureka Miniatures are adding to their World War II collection with some island hopping Australians.

The Wolf Clan Takes Shape For Eureka’s Hawkmoon Collection


Eureka Miniatures are expanding upon their Hawkmoon collection with some pre-orders for Salute and of course beyond. Here we have the Wolf Clan with a variety of different options at their disposal, looking dangerous indeed!

Weird Gorillas Hitting The Tabletop Soon From Eureka Miniatures


Embracing the weird and the fantastical, Eureka Miniatures has previewed some of the upcoming Gorillas which will be joining their collection for those who like Fantasy, Steampunk and Weird World War gaming.

Eureka’s Fantastical Hawkmoon Range Now Available


Based on the work of Michael Moorcock, Eureka Miniatures has now released their Hawkmoon Range which covers characters and warriors from the Runestaff world.

Fight Out The Aden Emergency With Eureka Miniatures


Eureka Miniatures will be providing you with the troops you need to fight out the battles between the British and the Yemeni Tribesmen around the port of Aden (The Aden Emergency) during the period of 1963 and 1967.

Eureka Step Away From Historical For Fantastical Runestaff Range


Eureka Miniature are going to be stepping away from Historical games and instead will look to the Fantasy world of Runestaff by Michael Moorcock.

Eureka Releases New Fighting Vehicle For The Australians In 15mm


Eureka Miniatures releases some vehicles to help out the Australian Army in 15mm.

Eureka Miniatures Preview Upcoming Ancient Greeks


Eureka Miniatures have their eyes set on some new Historical miniatures for their collection. Now their minds turn to a selection of Dark Age Greeks for your use on the tabletop.

Eureka Miniatures Goes To The Weird Side Of Historical


Eureka Miniatures has some new releases that can put an interesting twist on your next game.

Eureka Engage In Tribal Warfare With New Maori Warriors


Eureka Miniatures have shown off some of the new sculpts coming your way to help build up a Maori Tribe from New Zealand.

Eureka Soon To Add US Marine Specialists To Moderns Range


Eureka Miniatures have shown off some previews of what's coming for their US Marines range in 28mm.

New Releases For The Bush War From Eureka Miniatures


Eureka Miniatures brings us some very nice miniatures for the Bush War.

Eureka Milk Their New Dairy Minis For All They’re Worth


Eureka Miniatures have come out with a new historical vignette set that takes us to the rural piece of a dairy, complete with the various farm hands and animals you might find there.

Lose Your Head Over Eureka’s Guillotine


In order to celebrate Bastille Day, Eureka Miniatures have released a new terrain set bringing us one of the most iconic and terrifying icons of the French Revolution: the Guillotine.

Eureka Miniatures Bolster The Cold War Soviet Troops


Delve into the Cold War once again with the release of some 28mm soldiers for the Soviets.

Eureka’s Saladin & Followers Survey The Battlefield


Eureka! Saladin and his followers have come to fight the battles of the Crusades thanks to these fine chaps!

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