Eureka Bring Back Baigent’s Empire Miniatures Range

November 24, 2022 by brennon

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Eureka Miniatures has re-released a bunch of miniatures from the former Empire Miniatures range by Kelly Baigent. The range of 28mm miniatures covers the 15th Century and would be a neat option for those looking to bulk out their Medieval collections.

Empire Miniatures Range - Eureka Miniatures

Empire Miniatures Range // Eureka Miniatures

This range of miniatures has sat out of production for a while but is now available to be snapped up via the Eureka webstore once more. There is a nice array of options for you to choose from including a lot of good rank-and-file miniatures to represent spearmen/pikemen and archers. I really like the archers in particular in their mix of heavy and light armour.

You'll also note there is a cheeky cannon in that preview! If you're looking to knock a couple of castle walls down then it could be a tempting prospect to snap up one of those.

It's always good to see previously out-of-commission ranges make it back to stores and in the end, tabletops. Hopefully, this could fill in the gaps in someone's collection or offer up a good starting point for someone looking to build up a 15th Century army.

Do you remember the Empire Miniatures range?

"You'll also note there is a cheeky cannon in that preview!"

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