Eureka Miniatures Mount WWI Australians On Camels!

May 27, 2020 by brennon

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Eureka Miniatures are going back into the depths of World War I history and providing us with something a bit quirky for those collecting Australians. How about having some fun on the back of a Camel?

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The Imperial Camel Corps was a real thing that existed during World War I and from small beginnings eventually expanded out to include four battalions. This was eventually one battalion each from Great Britain and New Zealand and two battalions from Australia.

This band of soldiers fought alongside the Egyptian Expeditionary Force and fought across Egypt, Sinai, and Palestine before eventually being disbanded in 1919 after the end of the war.

-5ece29e7f4236--5ece29e7f4237Australian Camel Corps #3 - Eureka Miniatures.jpg

The camel-mounted troops would ride into battle and then dismount to fight as infantrymen when things got deadly. When it came to fighting with horses during the period, one of the four men in a unit would stay back and look after the animals. However, because camels were harder to spook when faced with gunfire and explosions, they could leave one man with between twelve and sixteen camels if needed. This significantly increased their usefulness as mounts in battle.

-5ece29e28eade--5ece29e28eadfAustralian Camel Corps #1 - Eureka Miniatures.jpg

The available options from Eureka Miniatures allow you to play around with two units of Camel Riders plus an Officer if you so desire. It's a rather fun alternative to your normal mounted options for World War I and would certainly make for quite the scene when dropped onto the tabletop.

Aussie Home Guard!

Eureka Miniatures are also looking to fund their Australian Home Guard collection and you can still drop in pre-orders for that via [email protected] If they can make AUD$3000 in pre-orders before the end of May then they'll get the project rolling and maybe throw in a few extras too.

Are you tempted by these quirky camel riders?

"It's a rather fun alternative to your normal mounted options for World War I..."

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