Eureka Engage In Tribal Warfare With New Maori Warriors

June 22, 2016 by brennon

Eureka Miniatures have shown off some of the new sculpts coming your way to help build up a Maori Tribe from New Zealand. This range has been sculpted by Alan Marsh and I think it looks like it could be a lot of fun to work on.

Maori Warriors #1

The range has been sculpted to try and take into account the variety of body types that you would have found, and still find, in Maori culture.

Maori Warriors #2

The Maori adapted well to the introduction of firearms to their lands but they were still masters of their traditional weapons making them fearsome fighters.

These fighters also held a similar belief to the Vikings in that to die in combat fighting was seen as the true way to go. No sickness and ill health for these fellows!

The Eureka team have also sculpted one of their canoes, the Waka...

Waka Boat

Hollowed out of a big tree these boats were fast and nimble. Streaking through the waterways they could hold up to twenty men and be a deadly deliverer of angry Maoris during a raid.

The update also pointed folks towards the rules called Tribal, which would be a perfect pairing for these warriors. You can watch a turn of the game above for a taste of the rules.

Let me know if you've considered Maori warfare!

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