Weird Warriors & Witchfinders Coming Soon From Eureka

June 15, 2018 by brennon

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Some weird and wonderful creations have popped up from Eureka as a preview of what they have sitting on their sculpting table at the moment. Take a peek...

Witchfinder General - Eureka Miniatures

We start off with something quite ordinary looking as the Witchfinder General makes his way into their collection. This fellow looks ripe for a Historical scenario where he is making his way through the English countryside looking for witches to condemn!

You could have one side playing as the Witchfinder and his bodyguard whilst the others are the local trying to take him out as he's been rather zealous with his doings recently!

Avalon Bleeding

We also have this quirky range of models from the Avalon Bleeding/Burning range. These are a collection of weird and wonderful looking characters which you can use to play out an alternative Civil War.

Avalon Bleeding Musketeers - Eureka Miniatures

Here we have a pair of Musketeers who look like they'd be found in the stories of Alice In Wonderland rather than battling it out for the heart of England. That chap on the left there has bloaty head syndrome (thank God I remember my Theme Hospital!).

The range continues with these animal warriors for use in the game as well. I really like the dog and owl designs here, a little more than the very quirky choices we saw above.

Avalon Bleeding Pikemen (Alt) - Eureka Miniatures

There really is something interesting for all it seems as part of the Eureka collection. I am looking forward to more from their Fantasy collection and Hawkmoon!

What do you think of these previews?

"I am looking forward to more from their Fantasy collection and Hawkmoon!"

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