Reaper Minis Aren’t Fat They’re Big Boned As Kickstarter Hits

October 3, 2019 by avernos

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Assuming you've not been living under a bridge you will know who Reaper Minis are, purveyors of miniatures for tabletop games they were one of many companies supplying a variety of tabletop miniatures, fantasy, sci-fi, modern pulp.

Reaper Sophie

Some great sculptors and a terrific catalogue of work but nothing that made them uniquely different from many other companies across the globe. Then in 2012, they launched their first Kickstarter to revolutionise gaming, with a plan to produce one piece, or preassembled, cheap soft plastic miniatures for gamers that still had enough detail to make them interesting to paint. Aimed primarily at roleplayers who may only use a model a handful of times it was a success to put it mildly. So much so that their artist quickly sketched this on that first night.

Skip forward to now and Reaper Bones V is smashing its way onto the scene. Dubbed the Escape from Pizza Dungeon it's already clocked up over a million on it's the first day (dollars, euros, or sterling you pick).

Reaper Bones Dreadmere Heroes

The core set is already so vast that it can barely be seen from space (or on my monitor in one go!) and is the usual mixture of monsters, civilians, heroes, and villains and is well worth having a look at. Some unlocks are being added to the core pledge while others that are unlocked can be picked up separately or in bundles. So far these have included a Dungeon Dwellers bundle and a Daimyo bundle meaning you can pick and choose what sets would work best for the games you play.

Reaper Bones Catfolk

Once again Reaper Bones looks like it's going to smash all kinds of records, so if you're a dungeon master after some minions or a Kings of War player looking for some War Mammoths with strider then Bones V is probably going to have something for you. If nothing else I can't wait to see the next batch of spell effects.

Reaper Bones Spell Effects

It is worth noting that this Kickstarter seems to be future-proofing itself against Brexit and VAT will be payable on the UK pledges and they've been separated out from the rest of Europe because of this, I imagine that this will be a sign of things to come and worth keeping an eye on in future campaigns.

Are you planning on sending out for pizza?

"The core set is already so vast that it can barely be seen from space (or on my monitor in one go!)"

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