Blackwater Gulch Fills With Minions & Monsters On Kickstarter

February 15, 2018 by dracs

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Gangfight Games' new Kickstarter for Blackwater Gulch, Minions and Monsters, has launched, bringing all sorts of dark and devious denizens to the of wild west horror.

Blackwater Gulch

The main Kickstarter is looking to fund four three-figure minion team packs, one for each major faction.


Native Zombies



All of these sculpts are very characterful and reflect the feel of their respective factions. However, my personal favourites have to be the Jackalopes. Because who doesn't love psychotic murder bunnies?

Alongside the smaller minions, we will see a couple of single figure monsters. These include Tunka, who you may remember we showed off on the Weekender.


Meanwhile, the Lawmen will be joined by Tiny, an example of why it is a good idea to give an ogre a big gun.


All of these should be welcome additions to the game. However, it is some of the stretch goals I am most intrigued by.



Now there's a fight I'd like to see.

Do you plan on chipping in on this Kickstarter?

"Who doesn't love psychotic murder bunnies?"

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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