Heroes Of Chronicle X: Interview With Designer Glenn Allan

December 21, 2017 by thisisazrael

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We get another chat with Glenn Allan of Archon Studio and this time we're delving into the heroes of their upcoming Sci-Fi miniatures board game Chronicle X.

Heroes of Chronicle X: An Interview with Glenn Allan

Chronicle X is planned to be released through Kickstarter but until then Glenn spills the beans on the heroes you'll be playing.

The six core game heroes are:

  • Jack Clemson - The Navy Seal.
  • Dr Yukari Fujikawa - The Geneticist.
  • Minerva Watts - The Corrupt ex-cop.
  • Macon "Mudslide" Grissler - The Tank.
  • Atticius Blackwood - The G-Man.
  • Captain Jordan "Intersect" Bryce - The Martial Artist.

Who would be your top pick?

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