The Irish Enter The Dark Age Fray For V&V Miniatures

August 19, 2020 by avernos

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For fans of dark age warfare on the British Isles, the Irish are an interesting proposition they play very much like a force from a much earlier age with well armoured heroic nobles fighting single combats in challenges and the majority of the forces being much less well-armed and armoured. V&V Miniatures have just released the first set for their eighth dark age faction the Irish with a four-man command pack.

V&V Miniatures Irish Command

 Irish Command // V&V Miniatures

The command pack contains a standard, two Dane axe-wielding nobles and a leader figure with options. Starting with the standard-bearer he's an older fellow with what looks to be an optionable cloak pinned on with a pair of ring pin broaches, that seems a little incongruous to me, but perhaps it's a sign of his affluence. He's also wearing a long léine tunic with a defined band around the bottom of the hem and at the cuffs, which should make painting them that little bit easier.

We then have a pair of warriors in chainmail and wearing trews, good detailing on the miniatures, their léine is shorter only coming to the knees, and one wearing a heavily fringed brat upon his shoulders that makes him very distinctive and could be used to add a splash of colour to your command group.

The leader of the force, whether he's a king or merely a noble combines all of these features to show an Irish hero and a man of status and wealth. His long léine covering trews under his long coat of mail with a cloak pinned over the top. His helm has both cheek and nasal guard and detailing around the brow, overall it's a wonderful sculpt and worthy to lead any force.


Irish Fianna // V&V Miniatures

The lovely touch here is that he not only has a Dane axe to brandish aloft but comes with options to carry javelins and two shield variants so customisation is possible depending on what you're looking for. This is especially handy for Saga players (I am obliged by law to mention it).

While the Irish are the start of a dark age faction for V&V Miniatures, they could easily work for the Norse Gaels as well, or if you want to play later periods they would not look out of place as Gallowglass who could be fielded in almost identical outfits up until the sixteenth century. This is aided by the fact that they're all wealthy enough to wear shoes.

I think these are a terrific set for the Irish and will certainly find a home on many tabletops for SAGA, or Clash of Spears, and despite having far, far more than I can ever field for either game I'm still sorely tempted to take a look at this range as it becomes fleshed out.

Bua Nó Bás

"I think these are a terrific set for the Irish and will certainly find a home on many tabletops for SAGA, or Clash of Spears..."

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