Bringing The Funky 70’s To The Table With Spirit of 77 RPG

September 4, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Ok what does Smokey and the Bandit, Wonder Woman, Six Million Dollar Man and Rockford Files have in common? They were all great TV shows from the 1970s and now they have been mashed up with Kung Fu and the Glam Rock and Roll music movement into an RPG that is now starring on Kickstarter by a new game studio called MonkeyFun Studios.


This game is called the Spirit of 77 and it offers you an alternative universe where President Nixon is still in office and has made deals with aliens and there are rock gods and Kung Fu tough guys.

Spirit77 Books

There is a demo available for download with a scenario that I believe takes place of all places on an alternative Love Boat, yes the Love Boat. I am not sure about the game mechanics yet, but it sure does seem like it could lead to an all out groovy time. I am definitely jumping in on this one. Oh, and watch the intro video, it's pretty cool man.


Can you dig it?

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