R.A. Salvatore’s DemonWars: Allheart New On Kickstarter

January 28, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

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The famed writer of many Dungeons & Dragons novels, currently has a Kickstarter campaign going on for the second book in the DemonWars Role Playing Game. In this iteration they introduce a new class, that being the Allheart Knight.

Scene 1

Also within this tome is new rules for jousting and fiefdoms, because after all Knights need to compete in their combat skills and have people to rule over. Another aspect of this new expansion is now you can play the game as a solo player with the included dungeon generator. I am a little old fashioned but to me RPGs are best when played with a group of people because of the interactions between players. This should be an interesting addition to this game system as R.A. Salvatore is such a prolific writer and does some really great work. If you are a fan of RPGs you might just want to look into this, unfortunately there isn't much in the way of artwork at this moment to show you.

Do you have the fortitude to be a Knight?

"Also within this tome is new rules for jousting and fiefdoms"

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