Infinity Releases New Rules For Tohaa

May 22, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Corvus Belli the geniuses behind Infinity have released updated rules for the Tohaa.


They have also added the Kaeltar profile to the army builder software. So now all of you Tohaa players can the most up to date rules available, they are available for download here.

Kaeltar Specialists

Personally I am a Ariadna player myself (who doesn't like huge wolfmen running around with big swords or even sly SAS) but I continue to love the improvement and streamlining of the rules that Carlos and company continue to ship out to us players. Now there is even more reason for new players to get into the game, between Operation Icestorm and the 3rd edition rule set you cannot go wrong.

Speaking of awesome, remember that there will be another Boot Camp the last weekend of June for Infinity and Carlos will be there to take people through the game and Warren has promised some really nice surprises to those that attend. If you are interested in attending you better act quick as there are only a couple of spaces left.

What is your faction and what do you think about the 3rd edition rules?

" all of you Tohaa players can the most up to date rules available!"

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