Studio Tomahawk’s SAGA Aetius & Arthur Up For Pre-order

December 21, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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The much-anticipated supplement rules for SAGA is now up for pre-order, SAGA Aetius & Arthur.

This new book takes you to the next great period in the period it is described as:

The year is 410AD. Barbarians have crossed the Rhine and invaded the Western Roman Empire. The Visigoths have pillaged Rome while the Huns have arrived on the Roman Empire's borders after ravaging the east. To counter these threats, the Romans have abandoned Britain, leaving the Britons to face the Picts and Saxons alone.

In the century to come, empires will fail and kingdoms will rise. Prepare your Warband and join the battle to defend or destroy the Roman Empire!

Within this book, you will get 6 battle boards for the Romans, Britons, Saxons, Goths, Picts and Huns. It sure is going to get crowded on the battlefield! It will also come with four new scenarios and rules for mercenaries.

If that is not enough, how about a whole campaign built around a lone outpost surviving against wave after wave of barbarians! Exciting times for SAGA! It will be released no later than the first week of February of 2017.

Will you be ordering the game?

"Exciting times for SAGA!"

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