A Flames Of War Great War Battle Report!

August 7, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War are currently in the process of exploring The Great War and recently they put together a Battle Report showing off both Biltz's Battlegroup and Mitchell's Marauders which have come out in tandem with a recent supplement via Wargames Illustrated allowing you to play with these World War I sides. See how it worked out above!

Biltz's Battlegroup

Mitchell's Marauders

Above are the two boxed forces involved and here are a few actions shots of things going down in the Trenches as Germans and British forces collide outside a nearby town.

The Battlefield

Trench Battle

Tanks Approach

Infantry Advance

The battling looks as fierce as it would have been during the time period and also no slouch when compared to the more mobile fighting and warfare of World War II that we're used to seeing. Have you been tempted by The Great War and will you be trying your hand at commanding either of these forces?

Give it a watch and let us know!

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