Flames Of War Roll Out Two Boxes Of WWII Shermans

October 10, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War have already released two rather awesome Sherman Tank boxed sets for you to pick up. The first is the M4A3 (Late) Platoon and the other, for this month, is the Sherman Armoured Platoon...

M4A3 (Late) Platoon

M4A3 (Late) Platoon (Sprue & Tank)

The M4A3 was meant to be a rather good improvement across the board when it came to tanks but it had one fatal flaw. The ammo used to catch fire, quite the problem for a tank loaded with high explosive shells. Thankfully the crews came up with 'wet' ammo racks and even added another hatch on the top of the tank so they could escape quicker. Sounds like more of a hazard than a help!

Sherman Armoured Platoon

Sherman Armoured Platoon (Sprue & Tank)

The Sherman Armoured Platoon on the other hand is a heavy hitting team of deadly armour. As well as the Shermans it also comes with Firefly variants matching up the two awesome tanks into a great team. The Firefly will begin pounding at the enemy tanks which quicker tanks flank them for a killing shot.

Tanks, tanks and more tanks for Flames of War then this month!

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