More Flames Of War Special Weapon Teams For April!

April 3, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War have shown off some more of their new models for April. This time they have been looking at the Goum Mortar Platoon, Tirailleurs Platoon, HG Artillery Group and P40 Turret...

Goum Mortar Platoon

Tirailleurs Platoon

First up we have these groups of men that will be fighting alongside your French forces when you take the Road to Rome and start fighting in the South of Europe. I think both of these sets actually look very nice indeed and haven't got the strange 'bobble head' look that a lot of Flames of War infantry seem to have.

HG Artillery Group

If you fancy bringing down some more artillery then there is a group of them too. This is one of their special order packages so you'll have to contact them directly for this one.

P40 Turret

Rounding things off is this hastily assembled P40 Turret which was the Germans response to not having a lot of time to make proper defences. I think these are an awesome idea and I remember using them in Company of Heroes to great effect!

Will you add this to your Flames of War collection?