New Jeeps & Carriers For Flames Of War As Well As Open Fire Reveal!

March 12, 2015 by brennon

The folks at Battlefront have put together their late March releases for Flames of War and cracked open the new version of Open Fire! to show you what's inside this updated set. Before we get to Open Fire however see what you make of the Universal Carrier and SAS Jeep for the British of Flames of War...

Universal Carrier

The Universal Carrier was the name given to a collection of vehicles that served the British and their allies well throughout the entirety of the war. Not only could it transport men but it could also carry a variety of weapons into battle including mortars and machine guns. A deadly little armoured unit that would be a welcome sight to most soldiers.

SAS Jeep

The SAS Jeep is also, as you might imagine, a very hard wearing piece of kit for the British and came armed to the teeth. There were machine guns on the front and back and once they'd began providing covering fire the actual soldiers inside the Jeeps were a tough nut to crack too!

Colours of War

As well as the vehicles this month also sees the release of Colours of War which helps you paint up a wide range of different troops, tanks and more from the entirety of World War II. Ever wondered what colour to paint that new tank of yours so you don't look stupid at your next tabletop games night? Well, this is for you then.

Open Fire Contents

Last but not least is the reveal on how much new stuff you're going to be getting inside the Open Fire Box which acts as an introduction to the world of Flames of War. You can watch the video above for a full run down of exactly what's in here and how it all meshes together.

What peeked your interest this month?

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