Jeeps & More Bulk Up Flames Of War’s Fate Of A Nation

December 5, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War are adding a whole bunch of new miniatures for Fate of a Nation this month giving you a more modern conflict to fight out that feels like its echoing nowadays on the news anyway...

Fate of a Nation

First up is Fate of a Nation itself and here's a run down of exactly what it is...

"Fate of a Nation is the latest intelligence briefing for Flames Of War covering the Six-Day War between Israel and the surrounding Arab states. This war saw the first large-scale tank battles with modern tanks, pitting British and American designs against those of the Soviet Union.Israeli players have a full range of units including tank and mechanised infantry companies, long-range patrol forces, paratroopers, and infantry companies. To face these the United Arab Republic (Egyptian) players have tank battalions, fortified infantry battalions, and as a digital release, mechanised infantry battalions. Jordanian players have the choice of an armoured squadron, a fortified infantry company, and a mechanised infantry company as a digital release. Syrian  players also have a digital release for the defenders of the Golan Heights."

...and it's quite the interesting conflict worth exploring on the tabletop with the coming of new aircraft which you saw yesterday.

Anti-tank Jeep

M3 90mm DEFA

M3 A (Sayeret)

M38A1 Jeep

Above are some of the new Half-tracks and Jeeps that you can use for your forces on the tabletop starting with (in order) an Anti-tank Jeep, M3 90mm DEFA, M3 A Sayeret, and the M38A1 Jeep.

It's certainly not an area of warfare that's generally looked at in wargaming but as I mentioned before it's interesting not only for the forces involved but also the more modern additions too. Could we potentially see Flames of War go even further past the likes of Vietnam and into the full on modern military period?

What do you think?