Roll Up With The Anti-Air Guns & More For Flames Of War

May 9, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War have shown off some more of their releases for the period of May. We'll be starting things off with a look at the Self-Propelled AA Gun Platoons which will find a good home in your German army...

Self-propelled AA Gun Platoon

These neat vehicles look awesome for a start and seem massively heavy duty too. This means that the guns are very unlikely to be going anywhere as small amounts of arms fire would just ping off the armoured sides of this thing. Admittedly it's a bit of a sitting duck for anything heavier but it's great to have some mobile AA to deal with that pesky air support.

Vickers 6-ton

Type 96 150mm Howitzer

Artillery Group (Winter)

As well as World War II European fighting there is also a selection of new bits and pieces coming out for the Rising Sun front. Above are the Vickers 6-ton, the Type-96 150mm Howitzer and also the Red Army Artillery Group lugging howitzers and fields guns into battle to support your bigger pieces of kit.

FT-17 Turret Bunkers

Last but not least we have this sunken Turret Bunker which was the hasty way of erecting some kind of defense moderately quickly rather than waiting to get the materials together to build something like the bunkers we're used to seeing around Normandy. I think this kind of thing is very ingenious!

Anything you'll be grabbing folks?