Roll Out More Panzers & Some Big Guns For Flames Of War

November 27, 2014 by brennon

Flames of War are rolling out some more Panzer tanks for the Germans and a series of big guns too. Let's kick things off with some updated sculpts for the tanks with a Panzer III G/H, Panzer III J, and the Panzer IV E...

Panzer III G-H

Panzer III J

Panzer IV E

Some rather cool and heavily armoured additions to the range that will cover the rest of Operation Barbarossa which covers the battles between the Russians and Germans in 1941. These updated sculpts are looking great and packed with detail. Helps that they're looking easy and anything to paint too!

10.5cm NbW40

76mm obr 1939 - 7.62cm

As well as tanks you've got some heavy mortars and field guns for use in the period with both the 10.5cm NbW40 and the 76mm obr 1939 - 7.62cm available for your forces. If you're going up against some serious enemy armour you're going to need the guns.

T-34 obr 1940 Company

Talking of armour there's some more for the Russians this time in the shape of the T-34. This is quite the nifty looking tank and although it isn't as iconic as the big German Panzers these were tough nuts to crack and the Germans would try and avoid confrontation with this version of the tank because of it's hard hitting gun.

Have you been taken with all this armour?