Begin Your Tour of Duty In Vietnam With Flames Of War

March 11, 2013 by brennon

Battlefront are taking you to the jungles of Vietnam with their latest book Tour of Duty that allows you to play out the patrols and deadly ambushes that took place during the 1960's and early 1970's.

Tour of Duty

Tour of Duty adds new miniatures, new rules and new scenarios to the tabletop and challenges you with an interesting setting that might have you fighting a little differently.

The scenarios themselves sound fantastic with 'Hot LZ' helping recreate the tense moment when troops were dropped in or picked up from deep within enemy territory.

Of course no game setting would be complete without miniatures...

UH-1B Hog

AH-1G Hueycobra

First up we have a pair of nice looking helicopters. I can already hear the Flight of the Valkyrie blaring over the sound system and imagine a couple of marines sitting on the side of that UH-1B HOG. The HUEY COBRA is also one mean looking gunship.

K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company

K-2 (T-54) Ironclad Company

There are also some fantastic tank sets you can pick up. The K-2 (T-54) Ironclad Company set and K-3 (PT-76) Ironclad Company became available on Saturday 9th March as did everything else show above!

As with everything from Flames of War you can read a lot more about each of these sets on their actual product page. So if you need to brush up on your military history they can steer you in the right direction.

Will you be taking on the jungles of Vietnam?