Do Some Trainspotting With New Flames Of War Terrain

November 28, 2014 by brennon

Some more releases for Flames of War are coming your way and this time you'll be donning the anorak and doing some trainspotting. Both the Train Tracks Expansion and Train Yard Switching Station are up on their website and looking great (and pre-painted) once again...

Train Track Expansion

Train Yard Switching Station

Each of the sets, as mentioned above, comes pre-painted and perfect for just popping down on the tabletop ready to go. I love the idea of playing some kind of scenario around a train yard somewhere in the countryside where you might even be able to add a proper train to the track and have it embroiled in the fighting!

I do think Flames of War tables are some of the best looking tabletops out there simply due to the amount of ace terrain you can get onto the table with little to no fuss.

What do you think of the terrain?