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VLOG – Lighting Up The Desert


All my life I've been enamoured by making gaming tables come to life, we've already somewhat, mastered the terrain building aspect to the hobby but now I'm moving on to making it feel and sound real!

VLOG: Wednesday Bootcamp Update


After weeks of hard work tidying the studio we've discovered that we own a floor...

VLOG: Tuesday Bootcamp Update


It's all happening! John and Justin are rushing about the studio putting some of the final touches to the terrains you'll be playing on over the weekend.

VLOG: Bootcamp Progress


Warren gives us an update on the current status of the bootcamp preparations for next week.

VLOG: Boot Camp Tobruk Table Build [Part 1]


Warren and John are starting work on the city boards for the upcoming Bolt Action Boot Camp.

VLOG: Sanding Down The Trench Terrain [Part 4]


The desert terrain is coming along in leaps and bounds. The guys have started to put the sand down on the terrain.

Vlog: A Message From Charlie


Charlie from Warlord Games has sent me through a lovely email, let's see what he has to say...

VLOG: Catch Up with Modiphius


Chris and James from Modiphius Entertainment have dropped by the studio this week to film a bunch of Fallout: Wasteland Warfare videos. Justin talks with the guys about the iconic Red Rocket gas station terrain that's been constructed for the game, as well as […]

VLOG: Custom Servers & Blood Letters!


We're back with a Monday update, we've had some excellent deliveries in this weekend...

VLOG: Weekender Audio Update


After the tense 24 hours of the equipment blowing up, Warren might have fixed everything in time for the Weekender.

VLOG: Blowing Up The Weekender


In our saga to maintain the perfect audio for our shows Warren reached a new level in productivity by getting up at 7am to work on our weekender set.

VLOG: Bolt Action Desert Trenches [Part 3]


We're back with a fume-filled update from the Bolt Action Desert Trench table build.

VLOG: 4Ground’s New Tobruk Terrain & Questionable Dice Rolling


Today we have a special delivery from 4Ground featuring the new Tobruk Terrain for North Africa campaigns in games like Bolt Action, perfect for our upcoming Bolt Action Boot Camp.

VLOG: New Audio Set Up


This week we've been experimenting with some new audio advancements to the weekender show and others.

VLOG: Bun Runs & Trenches


Justin and John update you on the amazing trench map they are constructing for the boot camp but we also find out what delicious food Justin won't eat now!

VLOG: Bolt Action Desert Trenches


We've begun a big terrain challenge to create a World War II desert trench system!

VLOG: Serious Business Meetings & Getting To Know Us


Today we're having a totally serious business meeting, going over all content of the company, how we can improve the videos, layout and content we produce for you guys. It sounds pretty serious...

VLOG: Ask Us Anything!


We have quite a lot of team members now that you may not be aware of so we thought this would be a nice opportunity to get to know the team behind the camera.

VLOG: We’re Sorry


Hey guys we hope you've had a fantastic showcase there at GenCon 2018, we have a quick vlog to get out and tell you that we have some amazing updates hitting the Website this week.

VLOG: Top Tank


We're here over in the States and just before we got to visit Gen Con we stopped off with Gaz from Paranoid Miniatures to check out the local tank scene.

Vlog: Painting Kill Team Terrain


John takes the Kill Team terrain from Games Workshop and shows you the best techniques for painting your pieces quick and easy to get them ready for tabletop action!

VLOG: Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Arrives!


Today whlie the boss is away, the kids will pla... work, we continue the grind!

Vlog: OnTableTop Visits UK Games Expo


While it may seem like things are smooth sailing on the surface of OnTableTop and Beasts of War, there's a lot of preparation to do beforehand and to the demise of some of us, a lot of travelling too.

VLOG: The Cake Is Real!


It's Tuesday so you know what that means! No? Well, me neither, but we have got another behind the scenes update for you!

Vlog – Back to Business


After a long few days of travelling we've returned home safe and sound.

VLOG: Behind The Scenes Update From UKGE


Find out how the guys are getting on backstage at the UK Games Expo 2018.

VLOG: Set-Up Behind The Scenes For UKGE 2018


Welcome to our little look behind the scenes as we set up for our coverage of UK Games Expo. 

VLOG: UKGE Preparations & Your OTT Feedback


Warren checks in with the team who are busy making the final preparations before heading off to UKGE later today.

A Little BoW 2.0 Celebration!


It's been hard work over the last few days but now a moment of celebration!

VLOG: Painting Star Wars Legion Snowtroopers For Tabletop


If you haven't seen we recently unboxed the newest addition to Star Wars Legion, the Snowtroopers & General Veers. Now it's time to Paint 'em.

VLOG – An Experiment In Resin Casting


Today I'm rediscovering some issues with the Resing casting from last episode.

Star Wars: Legion Table – Ready For An Evening Of Gaming!


We come towards the end of the day here at Beasts Of War and the team is getting ready to play some Star Wars: Legion...

4Ground Development Process – Start To Finish


During his time before Salute Justin got to spend some time with 4Ground at their studio.

VLOG: Sam’s Off To School…Wizard School!


This week, I'm off to Poland to attend my first semester at the College of Wizardry.

VLOG: We’re Jetting Off To The Prague Open!


We're finally seeing the end of our Hobby Hall construction project. We've got everything organised and almost ready for some games this weekend.

VLOG: Time To Organise


The wood finally arrived and now we're in full focus mode as we organise the studio to make it more accessible to you, for the people joining our events and in general for ourselves.

VLOG: Wall Of Delay


Warren's having trouble with morning wood.

Vlog: Wall of DOOM – The Beginning


There's only one thing to do...

Vlog: Building Fabled Realms Beta Weekend Tables – Part Three


It's utter chaos in the studio!

Vlog: Building Fabled Realms BETA Weekend Tables – Part Two


The Fabled Realms Beta Weekend is creeping in and we're excited to be building our tables in the run up.

VLOG: Gerry’s Zenith Lesson


The gentle giant returns to learn more about our technological painting wizardry.

VLOG: Tank War Fast Paint Project Part 6


Call in reconnaissance because we have tanks to spot!

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