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Aradia on Patreon and Tribe: new amazing STLs every month 🔥

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    Did you know that you can now download new collector’s and game models every month on our Patreon and Tribes? We are preparing juicy news for the summer, in the meantime here are the June releases!

    The STLs come already supported and unsupported.

    – Naulei (bust): The first bust in the Ocean King collection is a tribute to the most legendary creatures of the seas: mermaids. 1/12 (200mm).

    – Naulei (75mm): Same design but in 75mm scale and full version (no bust, full tail). You can reduce the size.

    – Pallas: A figure and a bust together, would you have expected that?!

    – Manta – the illusion of the Ocean: Manta is one of the wizards of the underwater world: he does not have much physical strength but he produces illusions and spells to confuse his enemies and trap them in illusion bubbles from which they will emerge with great difficulty (if they ever get out…). The wizard of the Oceans will challenge your painting skills and make a stunning showcase piece.

    Join Tribes or Patreon and get new collectible STLs every month!🏆

    ⚔️Tribes⚔️ 👇

    🔥Patreon🔥 👇

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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