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Hobby Weekender 10/05/19 A bit of gaming philosophy this time

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    A bit of a quick shameless copy and paste before bed and hitting the road to collect my son tomorrow.



    Ladies and Gentlefolks, hello! Welcome to the Hobby Weekender.


    This is a somewhat niche thread on BoW that acts as a weekly painting support group, social thread and friendship circle where all are welcome. We have a host, participants, meaningless points, awards, and post pictures and music. It is a little silly, not to everyone’s taste, but is fun and I encourage everyone to participate. My intention is to make the thread as friendly, welcoming and inclusive as possible.


    So, we start with a pledge, and post pictures of our work and post up music as well from there. Also, I act, or the host rather, as an arbitrator. Such a serious word! So the host moderates, runs and hosts the thread. They also post up questions to stimulate real conversation so this becomes as real as possible, as if you were at a club or friends painting night. That way we get to know each other better and have conversation going on as well, even if our personal lives and hobby time prevent us from immersing ourselves to the degree we could prefer.


    The rules: don’t be a dick. Use your common sense. Keep the swearing and innuendo to a minimum if possible as these posts appear in other users inbox if they subscribe by email to different forums on the site. Also, no religion or politics: it NEVER works. Be supportive, kind and respectful. In turn, we are all positive, encouraging and once more welcoming to all.


    So please pull up a chair and join us. This is not an exclusive club, so join on in! 😉


    Also there are bonuses for the following ‘Achievements’:
    · Most Valuable Player (most engaged with topic)
    · Fire Starter (topic starter, encourages the member circulation)
    · Hobby Champ (most hobby over the weekend)
    · Meme Lord (ryhmes, funnies & memes)
    · Pun-Tertainment (best pun)
    · Brush Licker (painting & terrain)
    · Headliner DJ (most eclectic music)
    · Armchair Commander (weekend battle reports)
    · Community Usher (helpful & engaged)
    · Storyteller (weekly discussion & story)


    This thread will run from today until maybe Wednesday. Or Thursday. Ish


    (1) Is a hard tabletop boardgame necessarily a good one?


    (2) Do board games based on a computer game work? Or do they get muddled up in immitating the game’s style translating directly into a tabletop game and suffer?


    (3) Do games have too much accessories?


    I will leave you to it. Need to try and restart my stupid phone. Four days off though and a gig on Saturday! Anyone remember these guys?




    @mage I don’t need to remember Electric Six; I always have one of their songs SOMEWHERE in my head.

    I suppose this weekend end I will make the same pledge as last weekend; build my damn backlog of models! I swear one day it will all be done. Deff going to focus on my German Grenadiers for Bolt Action. I also need to go through this massive amount of Flames of War stuff that I have been given at some point and work out what I have. Also have to work on real life stuff, too, so we’ll see how it all goes.

    I’ll also try and remember to post some music, and I’ll try to keep it in English…



    (1) Is a hard tabletop boardgame necessarily a good one?

    No, absolutely not. When a game is only hard for the sake of keeping the player from winning then it creates more frustration than fun.

    (2) Do board games based on a computer game work? Or do they get muddled up in immitating the game’s style translating directly into a tabletop game and suffer?

    Oh, that’s an easy one: it depends. Doom was/is rather nice because the simple FPS setting really translates to the board game. Also sim games likes Civilisation can be good but some type of games… like jump and run are hard to translate… so, it depends! 😉

    (3) Do games have too much accessories?

    Some do, some don’t. There are games with so much tokes, cards, add on, counters and what have you that sorting everything to play takes more time then playing the game itself. Even miniature games suffer from this. Just look at how many tokens X-Wing needs. that’s insane.

    And now I’m off to work.



    This weekend I am going to keep working on some terrain bits and pieces and building up some models.

    No point in repeating what @sundancer said.

    G-I today (2/3rds of a Scottish theme as well)




    Doing some housework and other payday stuff before heading on a three to four hour round trip to collect the little man.


    Itll be later before i respond again but just wanna say keep the posts coming as well as music.


    My pledge this week/weekend is to complete the eight Primaris marines I was working on last week. All I need to do is the final silverhigight, based and touch up the gold on the Intercessors. The three Inceptors need a little more work though.



    Right! Long time no see gents, but I’m back!

    Let’s get those fingers tipy and that chin wagging.

    1) No, in fact it’s way better to have a simpler game with simpler mechanic but that provides you deeper immersion. It’s all about the experience, not the amount of terraflops your brain need to do to know how you’ll be doing that move you want to do.

    A big exemple I have on that is C21. the first edition was a lot simpler than V2 (@Oriskani tried it not so long ago with his Falkland air wargame). While V2 is good, as it’s more complicated than V1 I feel like I prefer V1, even if I was excited as a kid on Christmas morning when it came out.

    2) Honnestly I don’t know, I suppose I will have to try Fallout Wasteland warfare. But then Fallout 1 and 2 are the real fallout for me… so as it was turn by turn I suppose it won’t be such a huge difference.

    3) I have mixed feelings about it, let’s talk about one of my favorite game. Flames of War. While I love what they do with the cards (yay like back in Epic Space Marines!) I am a bit puzzled when a big new supplement comes out and that I play the main 4 forces (German, British, Americans and Russians) I have all those cards to get. But it’s part of the game.

    Right… some said Pledge… oh my.

    This week end I shall:

    – Ink my 10 Hurricanes for Blood Red Skies
    – Apply decals to 12 Hurricanes for Blood red skies (yes 2 of them were already painted and inked)
    – Apply Finishing Varnish to the said 12 Hurricanes (so gloss after the decals and then matt in the end)
    – Undercoat my 6 Ju 88 for Blood Red Skies
    – 12 Blood Claws for my 1500 points Space Wolf Army:
    – Do the bolt pistols (basic black then highlights)
    – Bronze (base, shading highlights)
    – Great Company Shoulder Pad (only paint it, decals comes in the end and I’m far from it)
    – Design the Pack shoulder pad (at the moment I got no idea how I’ll paint it….)
    – Glue together my Goliaths for new Necromunda
    – Workout the paint scheme for Perry’s box and the flock!
    – Finish my home made icone for!

    Right…. kinda feeling that once again I’ve put way too much on my plate.


    @robert  do love that Grave Digger tune

    And cause everyone needs some tune:

    And quite gentle for my taste too 😉

    Let’s go a bit harder maybe:

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    Finally home. Worth it though. Managed to get a couple of Chaos Black spray cans on the way. Might spray some Death Guard and Heroquest I got a while back, but for now it is chill out time before the movies.


    @wolfch Great to have you back dude!



    @mage it’s good to be back.


    so today I was able to finish:

    – Ink my 10 Hurricanes for Blood Red Skies

    – Undercoat my 6 Ju 88 for Blood Red Skies

    also started to cut up the decals to be applied on the 12 Hurricanes tomorrow.

    here are some pictures:

    decals before cutting


    The hurricanes already inked but before gloss varnish and the Ju 88 before undercoating


    The hurricanes inked varnished, the Ju 88 undercoated and the progress of the cutting for the decals


    And now… off to bed I’m shattered



    hey hey hey … I got a big box to unpack.
    Did I ever tell you about the pale moonlight ?


    You’d think that a company with several Elder scrolls games and an on-line MMO could write an original adventure to use in a tabletop RPG …

    Apparently it is hard :


    (1) Is a hard tabletop boardgame necessarily a good one?
    Only if it is ‘hard’ for all the right reasons.
    If it is ‘hard’ because it has dozens of rules and things to do … then the anser is simple nope
    If it is hard because you get to use your brain to think about tactics instead of rules … then it merely depends on the mood you and your players are in.

    (2) Do board games based on a computer game work? Or do they get muddled up in immitating the game’s style translating directly into a tabletop game and suffer?
    Anything that is translated from one medium to another suffers.
    A good developer plays to the strengths of the medium and avoids the weaknesses.

    (3) Do games have too much accessories?
    Only if they are badly designed.
    Some games need more accessories in the starter sets because these things provide a quality of life improvement that is needed to give it that little extra oomph it needs to sell it to new players.
    I consider good quality dice to be an essential feature, which is the one thing I disliked about the Age of Sigmar starterset I gave my nephew. It kind of sucks that you’re forced to buy after market add-ons to fix this.

    Best example : the Guildball starter set.
    Heck, I wished there was an option to buy a deluxe version.



    I pledge to continue with my work on the Spring Clean figures. I cannot show off the project progress quite yet because its not done. I will say that I have failed in my thought of not buying any more minis after the KS arrived. I went to a great used book/music/media store and happened to see a “like new” box set for AEG’s Clan War. For just under $50US it was a great bargain. I’ll be making a project of this as I keep seeing SAGA touted here on the site and hearing that there are to be stats for Asian armies. I also had a sense of nostalgia as I already had some Togashi monks and some Dragon Talons figures from the Dragon clan. I will see about getting the rules set and painting up a force to use on the tabletop.

    Beyond all that I was visited by a friend of mine that has been my regular customer for mini painting. I’ve had his figures sitting around for a while and was glad to get the work he wanted to him before I moved. I also tossed in quite a bit of work I had done before, outside of what he had given me, for good measure that he might be able to use in his ongoing D&D campaign. So I made money on top of what I spent today on they box set. Hooray! Ice bear enjoys free-market capitalism (reference to We Bare Bears). Also today I got in a book on sign painting from a KS put on by Noel B. Weber which shows all sorts of great work and inspirational material. It will compliment the other KS book that documents Hermann Zapf I received last month.

    1: A hard tabletop game is not necessarily a good one if nobody has fun in the end. If people overcome defeat by the skin of their teeth and get duly rewarded with advancement or loot then it is something to look on and say it is. Accomplishment can only be measured by the struggle/sacrifice when compared to the payout.

    2: A tough call on videogame to tabletop transition. I can’t say for certain as I haven’t played anything that has done so. I imagine that for Fallout it might not be such a great call because the storylines built into the videogame and the different player decisions affecting them were what made them great. I don’t know enough about Bloodborne to make a call. The Devil May Cry boardgame really has no appeal to me as it seems like a lengthy boss run. Others that exist don’t spring to mind immediately but it really doesn’t capture the same appeal as the writing and programming of the source material.

    3: Too many accessories for games really depends on the games. As far as the inclusion of condition tokens for games like Guild Ball it helps a bunch to figure who is under the influence of what as opposed to the 10,001 things that Warhammer might throw out there for the multiple rules that combine to allow you making rolls of 100 dice. In WarMa-Hordes the tokens for power allocation makes the tactical/strategic play a nagging element that needs to be considered so tokens are a must. Now they can get out of hand when you far outweigh the number of player/monster figures with accessories on a mat/map for RPGs. Overall if they become cumbersome by number/requirement for effective entry into a game then that is when they can be considered too much.

    @mage Electric Six is great! I’ve thrown their videos out there a few times now.

    @crazyredcoat Lol! Yes, it is difficult to not know Electric Six once you have heard them.

    @wolfch I’m glad that somebody else looks at the Fallout IP and things there is something not quite right with the tabletop translation.

    @limburgerYes, Guild Ball is great for the add-ons though I think that the spell “figures” are interesting to see in use for AoS which fixes the previous WHFB problem of trying to “see” them in play.

    Now for some trippiness

    Puppetts FTW



    Morning All

    So as probably the least hungover of the team, I managed to sneak out of the house this morning to go into a nice quiet studio to do a bit of hobby time.

    This morning I’m having a crack at re basing the old lizard men army (or as savanna has asked mt to call it the lizard people army as if she was a lizard she’d want to fight alongside me apparently lol)

    But first to the questions… (Which were excellent by the way!)

    (1) Is a hard tabletop boardgame necessarily a good one?

    No not necessarily. For me the interactions between players is more important that the interactions with the game (if that makes any sense!)

    (2) Do board games based on a computer game work? Or do they get muddled up in imitating the game’s style translating directly into a tabletop game and suffer?

    Yeah I haven’t been too taken by any of the crossovers. The two mediums offer something completely different and exclusive, and I’m not sure the crossovers do either medium justice.

    (3) Do games have too much accessories?

    GOD YES! Don’t get me wrong I can see why they are there but I cant imagine they actually lead to more play time as surely a lot of folk dread the setup time and packing away time!

    Anyway, time to get stuck into these bases.


    Im going to have a go at the ‘lost city’ style.

    I have my 3D printed bases ready (Needing well over 120 or so for this project) and I rolled out some clay and added a pattern using the Greenstuff world rolling pin.

    Now to experiment!



    “This War of Mine” … manages to do its job as being suitably depressing in both boardgame and videogame formats provided you manage to get stuck in the story it is trying to tell. It fails when you play either of these as just another set of game mechanics to master.

    OTOH … there have been very few videogame to movie crossovers that managed to be both good and fun.



    I think thats about 100 of them started…

    And some new recruits from schleich have showed up to inspect lol



    Im going to have a search around the studio now for some bits to see if i can do something a bit more three dimensional on the larger bases…



    @limburger Actually you are absolutely correct ‘This War of Mine’ is a good example of a transition done well 🙂 Nice one!

    Perhaps the underlying theme of the game makes the difference. Battle itself doesnt seem to translate well but the harrowing theme of TWOM seemed to quite well…

    And dont get me started on MOBA – makes my blood run cold lol



    So I dug out some plaster castings of stone walls (Hirst Arts Field Stone these ones)

    This should give me a bit to play with to stop all the bases looking so flat



    Little Triceratops looks quite comfy on these 🙂

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